They did it again

Fritz McMullen won’t take no for an answer. He’s the one always goading me into picking up a club, offering to be my caddy, etc in order to get me into embarrassment mode again.  He started it at Dooks Golf Club, over in Ireland… with me  mic’d and with a video camera recording the whole thing. This trip, he wasted no time by laying it on the line on the first tee at Bandon Trails.

“Here we are,” he said, “first day, first tee, you might as well break the ice and get it over with.”

So I caved in.  He handed me his driver with a head on it about 6″ x 8″, and I gulped hard.  Bearing down, focusing my concentration in the face of all the eyes upon me (all 12 of them), I teed it up, did my half-backswing (my slapshot) and banged right down the fairway, in the air, right side as always.  Landed on the short grass, in fact.

The pressure is off.

Except now, today, after the morning round on the Bandon Dunes course, lunch and a nap, we’re regrouping at 4:00 for a match at the new Preserve par-3 course. North vs South a’ la’ the Ryder Cup Matches.  Jon Kiger is captain of the South team, I’m the captain of the North. Fritz wants me to play.

Who knows, maybe I will.

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