Ya gotta have a day like today to get the total experience

Our fourth and final day had the Pacific Dunes course on the schedule, and another low ceiling and intermittent mist/drizzle greeted us.  But hey, life isn’t all sunshine (particularly on the Oregon coast in October), and golf courses can display some particular charms on a gray and misty day.  So was it with Pacific Dunes, designed by Tom Doak and the second of the four courses built at Bandon Dunes, opening in 2001.

One obvious difference between Pacific Dunes and the other three regulation courses (plus the Preserve short course) is the amount of gorse present.  The town of Bandon was founded in 1873 by an Irishman, Lord George Bennett, who brought gorse plants over from Ireland for use as sheep “fencing”.  The highly invasive plant soon took over most of the area.  Due to the amount of oils in the plant, gorse is highly flammable and contributed to the town of Bandon burning down in 1936.

Much of the original 1200 acre property at Bandon Dunes was covered in gorse when first obtained by Michael Keiser, and walls and hillsides of it remain on Pacific Dunes.

Photos from Pacific Dunes:

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