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The Ladder

Josh Saunders: Labor shortages, career experiences

Posted 04 May 2018 · 495 views

In this episode of The Ladder, host John Reitman chats with Josh Saunders, superintendent at the Longue Vue Club in the Pittsburgh area. Saunders laments some of the challenges of hiring staff in his area: hours, weekends, and opioids... his quests for interns and assistants... tapping into new demographics... putting a hard sell on the industry as a career... the lure of tournament golf on a resume... and how agronomy over time yields to management of budget, membership and assistants.


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Jordan Kitchen: Professional Development Yields Personal Introspection

Posted 21 March 2018 · 787 views

In this episode of The Ladder, host John Reitman chats with Jordan Kitchen, assistant superintendent at Hamilton Golf and Country Club in Ancaster, Ontario. Jordan relates his experiences with launching a new company and product while obtaining an MBA and working full time to boot.


Surprisingly, he finds the benefits of the MBA program to be as much in personal introspection and development as in broadening his business skills.


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Carlos Arraya: Pillar Management at Bellerive Country Club

Posted 22 February 2018 · 900 views

In this episode of The Ladder, presented by STEC Equipment, host John Reitman chats with Carlos Arraya of Bellerive Country Club about his career path, team building at Bellerive through Pillar Management, and fostering staff development through one-on-one "weeklies".


Carlos also discusses the benefit of giving up some management control to others and letting them make decisions. "It's amazing how much we can get done, and how much it improves everyones work/life balance."


Jared Weight of Muirfield Village Golf Club

Posted 10 November 2017 · 2,230 views

In this episode of The Ladder, host John Reitman chats with Jared Weight, assistant superintendent at Muirfield Village Golf Club, Dublin, OH, about his career path, working with Paul B. Latshaw and Chad Mark, and golf course conditioning in Pittsburgh... among others.


Presented by STEC Equipment.


Anthony Williams, CGCS, on the changing role of assistants

Posted 27 September 2017 · 1,516 views

In this episode of The Ladder, presented by STEC Equipment, host John Reitman chats with Anthony Williams, CGCS, of TPC Four Seasons Las Colinas in Irving, TX. The conversation revolves around the role of the assistant superintendent and how it has changed dramatically over the past twenty years.


A former TurfNet Superintendent of the Year, Anthony joined TPC Four Seasons after a 30-year career with Marriott Hotels, where he received Marriott's highest honor the J.W. Marriott Award of Excellence. Anthony was responsible for 36 holes of golf at the Stone Mountain Golf Club and was also the arborist for 3,200 acres of Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, GA.


He is an accomplished speaker and writer, and also a 9th degree black belt in martial arts.



Dane Wilson, son of a superintendent, hones his craft at Medinah #2

Posted 07 August 2017 · 2,211 views

Host John Reitman chats with Dane Wilson, superintendent at Medinah #2 near Chicago, about his internships, career goals, development of his own personal golf course management strategies, and wisdom instilled by his father, Mark Wilson, former superintendent at Valhalla Golf Club and host superintendent of many professional tournaments and events.


"My father always told me, 'you can only do better than what your father did'" - Dane Wilson


Sam MacKenzie, CGCS: The Value of Different Points of View

Posted 22 June 2017 · 1,775 views

In this episode of The Ladder, presented by STEC Equipment, John Reitman chats with Sam MacKenzie, CGCS, director of grounds at Olympia Fields Country Club (Olympia Fields, IL), about Sam's career path over the 38 years he has been in turf management.


MacKenzie, the TurfNet Superintendent of the Year in 2008, reflects on people who have influenced him and the value in being exposed to different points of view in both turf maintenance and people management... as well as the current state of the industry as a career choice.



Tom Zoller of Tehāma Golf Club: Fortunate career breaks

Posted 03 March 2017 · 2,666 views

In this episode of The Ladder, host John Reitman chats with Tom Zoller, longtime superintendent and now Managing Director at Tehāma Golf Club (owned by Clint Eastwood) in Carmel, CA.  Zoller relates his experiences growing up and through the ranks of the greenkeeping profession to his current position.


The Ladder, with Justin Sims of The Alotian Club

Posted 29 November 2016 · 2,892 views

In this episode of The Ladder, John Reitman chats with Justin Sims, golf course superintendent at The Alotian Club in Roland, AR, about Justin's career path (from college to East Coast Sod in NJ, The Club at Cordillera in CO, The Olympic Club in CA, Victoria National Golf Club in IN, Augusta National Golf Club and finally to Alotian) -- and his quest for varying experiences along the way.


Recorded at the recent Northern California Golf Association Assistant Superintendent Boot Camp.


Presented by Penn State World Campus.


Gavin Dickson: Newly promoted supt at Tehāma Golf Club, Carmel, CA

Posted 10 November 2016 · 1,169 views

In this episode of The Ladder, host John Reitman chats with Gavin Dickson, newly promoted superintendent at Tehāma Golf Club in Carmel, CA, while at the recent Northern California Golf Association Assistant Superintendent Boot Camp.


Topics include when it's time to move on from one position to the next, decision factors involved in making the next career moves, and interviewing tips for securing the job you want.


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