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Dr. Frank Rossi: Frankly Speaking

Turfgrass science from an engineer's perspective... with Dana Lonn of The Toro Company

Posted in Tech Turf Talk 01 April 2016 · 859 views

My guest in this episode of Frankly Speaking is Dana Lonn, PE, Managing Director of the Center for Advanced Turf Technology at The Toro Company. We discuss how the new technology in turf -- sensing, mowing, irrigation, energy/power sources -- will start driving demand and precision.


Turfgrass science from an engineer's perspective is the underlying premise of this discussion and as always "smart talk from leading thinkers" in the turf industry.


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Dr. Bill Kreuser: PGRs, growth potential and timing

Posted in Tech Turf Talk, Frank Talk 22 October 2015 · 1,165 views

In this episode I Speak Frankly with Professor Bill Kreuser from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln about his work with PGRs (rates, frequency, etc), pigments, and his take on using growth potential to schedule fertilizer programs.



You can download the .mp3 file here or subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher.

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Dr. Doug Soldat: Late season nitrogen management

Posted in Tech Turf Talk, Frank Talk 08 October 2015 · 1,401 views

In this Frankly Speaking podcast, Dr. Doug Soldat and I talk about late season nitrogen management in general, nitrogen management specifically to prevent leaching, and updates on Mn and K observations....



To download the podcast for offline listening, click here or go to iTunes or Stitcher. Subscribe and get new episodes automatically!


Presented by DryJect and Turfline/True-Surface.


TurfNet RADIO: Another session with Dr. Micah Woods

Posted in Frank Talk, Tech Turf Talk 19 June 2015 · 1,386 views

Today we are Speaking Frankly again with Dr. Micah Woods, Chief Scientist at the Asian Turfgrass Center in Bangkok, Thailand, on increasing the precision of nutrient management programs and understanding the value of light for high performance golf turf management.



To download this podcast as an .mp3 file, right click or tap here and select "Save Link (or Target) As".

TurfNet RADIO: Norm Hummel on green firmness and other "soil" issues

Posted in Tech Turf Talk 25 May 2015 · 6,201 views

In this episode of Frankly Speaking, I chat with my old buddy Norm Hummel, Ph.D., recently semi-retired after selling his soil physical testing lab to Turf and Soil Diagnostics.  Norm and I chat about what superintendents can do "from the bottom up" to manage putting surface firmness given the new tools available to put actual numbers to firmness and moisture levels.


Norm gives guidance regarding "knowing what you're putting down" when topdressing, layering different texture sands on one another, getting sand down through dense turf canopies, and a whole bunch of other good stuff.  Check it out below, or download the podcast here (right click and select "save target as").



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