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We do, in fact, get together for some face time at least once each year.

About us:

Happily, we are one of those "virtual" companies with a very small staff (4 people, in fact, of whom Eleanor is part time) that thrives on efficiency, productivity and enjoying what we do. We work from offices stretched out over 1200 miles of the east coast, from the Champlain Valley of VT to northwest Ohio to Atlanta GA to the Mother Ship in Orlando FL.

Here's a quick take on who we are and what we do:

Peter McCormick

Founder & Maestro
Lives in Cornwall, Vermont and Campobello Island,
NB, Canada
Married to Patty. Two daughters: Colleen and Erin

Jon Kiger

Director of Media and Membership Sales
Resides in Dunwoody, GA
Married to Elaine. Two sons, David and Jonathan

John Reitman

News and Editorial Director
Resides in Findlay, OH
Married to Susan. One daughter, Lauren

Eleanor Geddes

Director of Membership Happiness
Native of Scotland, resides near Atlanta
Married to Scott. Two daughters, Catriona and Eilidh

The Mother Ship:

Turnstile Media Group
1500 Park Center Dr.
Orlando, FL 32835

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