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Forum Guidelines

The TurfNet.com Forum is a gathering place for golf course superintendents, assistants, equipment techs, university turf specialists and suppliers to share and exchange experiences, opinions, solutions, tips & tricks and other information pertinent to maintaining golf course turf -- while having an enjoyable experience and a little fun in the process.

Our primary guidelines are to let common sense, good taste, and respect for others prevail. Please try to keep to the topic wherever possible; if you want to divert to another subject, please start a new topic.

As your fellow TurfNet members rely on the accuracy and validity of the replies offered, please don't offer conjecture or anything of which you are not sure and confident unless the post is seeking possible or potential solutions, even if unproven.

Commercial members are encouraged to actively participate from the standpoint of providing information and helping superintendents solve problems. Superlatives and promotional posts are strongly discouraged and subject to deletion. Our superintendent members use this service to gain objective product information from their peers. Direct solicitation is also strongly discouraged, whether publicly in the Forum or privately by phone, email or private messaging within our system.

Thanks for your cooperation. Dive in and enjoy!

Peter McCormick -- Forum Maestro and Moderator

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