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Turf Equipment Technician

Harmony Golf Preserve
7251 Five Oaks Drive
St. Cloud, FL, 34773, US

Email: harmonygptravis@gmail.com
Phone: 407-891-8525

Posted: Dec 06 2017
Educational Requirements:
High School or Equivalent
Advanced Technical training or degree in mechanic repairs
Mechanical Knowledge and interest in Turfgrass Industry
Possess a valid Drivers License
Experience Requirements:
Minimum 3 years experience as lead mechanic or maintenance mechanic at a golf club/course
Special Requirements:
The equipment manager reports to the golf course superintendent and/or the assistant golf course superintendent and oversees the maintenance of all golf course equipment. This includes the diagnosis and repair of equipment, preventative maintenance, record keeping of parts/labor, and placing orders for parts and supplies needed for equipment or service. The equipment manager places safety as a top priority and is responsible for maintaining a clean service area and maintenance building.

Responsibilities and Duties

•Develops and performs preventative maintenance program on all golf course maintenance equipment stressing the priority of safe and proper function.
•Diagnose and repair mechanical problems with all equipment.
•Communicates the needs of maintenance and repair of all equipment to the superintendent.
•Overhaul and be able to repair diesel and gas engines, transmissions, hydraulics, and electrical.
•Operate shop equipment such as equipment lift, grinding tools, air compression tools, and welding.
•Understand technical literature regarding equipment maintenance and repair.
•Accountable for the repair and sharpening of all reel and rotary equipment at the discretion of the superintendent.
•Must be able to manage and handle oils, grease, and other chemical compounds within the shop area.
•Responsible for ordering/receiving parts, tracking inventory, maintaining equipment repair records by use of computer software programs.
•Oversee and track delivery of fuel purchases.
•Trains staff on the safe and proper operation of the equipment.
•Maintain a safe, organized, and clean shop work area.
•Prioritizes safety and addresses hazard concerns.
•Recommends equipment purchases and leases.
Date Available:
Salary Range:
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