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Michael Gruca, Any, With Peferance To; NC, SC, GA, VA, OK

Michael Gruca

Current Location: Bethany, OK
Preferred Location: Any, with peferance to; NC, SC, GA, VA, OK
Phone: 609-774-4617

Email: msgauge@aol.com

Posted: Jan 09 2017

Primary Job Category:

Equipment/Shop Manager

Secondary Job Category:

Turf Equipment Technician


I am a highly diversified technician with over thirty years of experience. I have worked as the head mechanic/equipment manager on a golf course for the last nine years. I possess strong insight and understanding of the set-up, grinding, and maintenance of reel type mowers. As well all other types of turf equipment. I also enjoy working closely with the Superintendent in order to continually improve equipment and course conditions. And am always eager to learn new things and take on challenging tasks.
I have always brought to the table what I have learned in the past to increase quality, productivity, and minimize unnecessary expenditures.
Please see attached resume and references.


High School Diploma
VOTECH, Auto Body
Nursery, Landscape, Greenhouse management (FFA)
Toro spray tech, seminar
Honda and Briggs tech seminars.
Parker hose and fitting seminar.


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Work History:

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Date Available:

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