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Jason Mahl, Moraine (Ohio) Country Club

John Reitman


It has been a busy second half of the year at Moraine Country Club where a Keith Foster-led restoration has been the story of late.

437f31fcbdf752629276145dc9e4ac5d-.jpgSuperintendent Jason Mahl recently shared information with the club's members on just how much work was completed in-house on the project that began June 16, giving them an indication of just how much money was saved while at the same time improving the golf course.
The project has touched all parts of the golf course (No. 17 shown here), including not just greens, tees and fairways, but also roughs, native areas, fairway bunkers, cart paths, step cut, haul roads and a practice area.
His staff seeded and/or hydro mulched 3 acres of greens, 1.6 acres of tees, 28 acres of fairways, 50 acres of rough and 28 acres of native area, covering 110 of Moraines 165 acres, which includes all buildings and grounds.
The project also involved about 700 truckloads of green/tee mix, bunker sand and gravel, 5,500 tons of greens mix, 2,200 tons of tee mix, 2,900 tons of sand, 2,300 tons of drainage gravel, 3,800 tons of cart path gravel, 6.4 miles of pipe for drainage, 70 drainage inlets, 1.2 miles of cart paths, 25-plus acres of rough and native sod and more than 120 sod truck deliveries. 


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