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Tom Fisher, Wildwood Golf Club, Allison Park, Pennsylvania

John Reitman


There are hazards, and then there is the greenside bunker on the fourth hole at Wildwood Golf Club near Pittsburgh.

Part of a bunker on the fourth hole of Wildwood Golf Club near Pittsburgh is out of play thanks to a mother snapping turtle who laid her eggs in the hazard.Wildwood pro Bernie Hough watched recently as a female snapping turtle spent four hours depositing a clutch of eggs in a hazard on No. 4 on the course in suburban Allison Park.

The club is going the extra mile to help ensure the nestling turtles get a chance to survive. Superintendent Tom Fisher made sure the area was roped off so golfers dont disturb the nesting site, and golfers hitting into the roped off area are asked to take a drop away from the eggs until the turtles are gone from the area.


Much of the hazard likely will be out of play for most of the summer.

Common snapping turtles typically retreat from water to lay their eggs in a warm location to incubate them until they hatch, a period that can take as much as 90 days.


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