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Euro 2016 Kicks Off

Jeff Lenihan


Last Friday, the UEFA European Championship 2016 kicked off in France. As expected, there are high hopes here around London about the English national team. England is one of 24 teams that are vying for the title Champions of Europe. It is very similar to the Copa America Centenario competition that is currently taking place in the United States.


Arsenal has nine current players who will be playing for their respective countries at this years Euros. These include midfield stars Mesut Özil (Germany), Jack Wilshere (England), and Aaron Ramsey (Wales), as well as goalkeeper Petr Cech (Czech Republic).


All of Europe tunes in to this contest and cheers on their teams. That includes the people I am staying with while I'm here, who are Romanian and Polish. Its great to watch the games with them and see just how much they wholeheartedly support their countries.



I'm able to live stream all of the Euro 2016 games on my iPad- non stop soccer for about a month!


I guess the only way to really understand it would be to imagine how passionate we, as Americans, would be if there were a tournament like this for our brand of football. (By the way, could you imagine how dominant we would be in that? Our starting lineup would be unreal- JJ Watt, Von Miller, Adrian Peterson, OBJ, and Gronk to name a few.)


But I suppose that is what makes this tournament so special. This is each of these countries top sport and they all offer their best players to represent them. It really makes for an elite and entertaining competition.


Anyways, an update from the training ground: Renovations are still underway and the new pitches are just starting to get cut for the first time. The lighter weight Honda push mowers are used for their first "haircuts" and from there, the Dennis Premiers take over, followed by the Jacobsen triplexes when they are good and established.



Dennis Premier sits on a relatively new pitch



The game pitch is growing in really nicely



One of the senior pitches getting a drink. Also, this is a rare sight- the sun is out! We've been getting lots of rain lately.

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