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Decomplexification: A Skeletal Golf Theory Film

Randy Wilson


It's growing season and everyone has the throttle rammed to the wall.  This is usually when we produce short goofy films with subliminal messages . . . because there is little time for jocularity.

But, as of now, time is critical.  This film, "Decomplexification" is too important to hold until the first hard freeze. 

*WARNING!  This film contains CLASSIFIED golf operations material.  Do NOT allow members, clubhouse personnel or architecture forum posters access to this film.



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Thanks, Mark.


I developed that habit of kicking the QC while watering at night--thought something might be watching me.


I stopped kicking when a qc blew out on me. Hated night digging.

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Thanks for the loan of the QC head. I've been carrying it around with me. Makes me feel young again.



It was always the hosers who presided over a greenside blowout and then in their defense, claimed they didn't kick it . . . I wonder what "hoser" means in Canadian?

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Thanks for the link, Peter. Too complexified for me.



Thank you. I'll have to wait on the Guiness, Momma says I've already had my one beer for the year.

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