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Wheelbarrows and Shovels

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Peter McCormick


Its that time of the year, time to core and top dress greens. At Mt. Juliet this happens twice a year, and accomplishes the same goals as most courses. The biggest difference is that this is all done by hand. Its a very labor intensive process but keeps equipment off of the greens and eliminates to downfalls of using the heavy equipment, such as unnecessary compaction and tight turning marks.

The process is fairly similar to any other course. First we cored the greens (with a Ryan aerator) and collected the cores (by hand). Next we set up a Ty-Crop full of topdress sand on the side of the green and used it to fill the wheelbarrows. then those would be wheeled out onto the green and dumped to have someone spread the sand. To topdress all 18 greens it took us one day. After that the greens were raked to help dry the sand and to do a bit of leveling. Then they were dragged in with the sand-pro and a drag mat.

I’m glad I can say I got to be a part of topdressing greens by hand. I had only heard of it from guys who had to do it before they could either afford, or had the equipment to do it. It’s definitely a rarity.

2012-08-19-14.55.59-e1345735705183-112x1 2012-08-19-19.47.23-150x112.jpg 2012-08-19-15.44.56-e1345736479700-112x1 2012-08-20-07.50.36-e1345736658980-112x1 2012-08-20-11.21.46-150x112.jpg 2012-08-20-08.31.44-150x112.jpg 2012-08-20-11.27.15-150x112.jpg

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