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Hook Lighthouse

Peter McCormick


Last weekend I got to go see Hook Lighthouse. Its the oldest operational lighthouse in the world. I couldn’t have had better weather and the ocean was very calm and clear. Its located in Hook Head, County Wexford.

Another popular tourist attraction that I saw on the way back was the Loftus Hall. Its an old mansion that is said to be haunted. I’ve heard this story multiple times from many people; A visitor knocked on the door and the people took him in for tea and dinner. After dinner they were all playing a game of cards and one fell on the floor. As one of the servants went to pick up the card they noticed the visitor had hooves instead of feet, and instantly the “guest” jumped straight up through the roof. They say it was the devil, and the roof has been tried to be repaired many times but can’t.

I really enjoyed my visits to both of these places and highly recommend anyone in the area to go and check them out.

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