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Road Trip to Lahinch!

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Peter McCormick


This weekend I’m off to Lahinch to watch a friend, Robbie Farrell, play in the South Ireland Amateur Open. It took us over three hours to make the drive out west to the course and made it late afternoon on Friday for a practice round. Alan Furness, who also works at Mt. J, will be caddying for him for the tournament. I got to walk around and see the course, and even hit a few drives. The course is unbelievable and I can see why its on so many peoples lists of courses they need to play when there in Ireland. Good luck to Robbie in the tournament!

2012-07-27-18.39.06-150x112.jpg 2012-07-27-18.29.21-150x112.jpg 2012-07-27-17.35.10-150x112.jpg 2012-07-27-17.29.54-150x112.jpg 2012-07-27-18.16.18-150x112.jpg 2012-07-27-18.23.04-150x112.jpg


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