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Week 2, In The Books

Peter McCormick


My second week at Mount Juliet was filled with rain.


Minor Bunker Washout

It felt like I would never see the sun again. We were interrupted top dressing a fairway because the rain came so quickly. We had many bunker washouts, and had to spend a lot of man-hours repairing them. We also had to spend a good amount of time catching up on mowing. The rough and light rough (intermediate rough) were extremely long, and in some cases needed to be double or triple cut. I personally had difficulty with the length of the grass on the driving range, where I was assigned to learn how to operate a Toro fairway unit. Because of the amount of grass to be cut, the blades were getting clogged with clippings. The mechanics replaced the cutting units with freshly sharpened and ground ones, which worked better but a rotary mower (Jacobsen Turfcat) had to cut it the following day followed by the fairway unit.


Tom, one of two mechanics, replacing a fairway cutting unit

I’m looking forward to the next week, I’m really hoping to have some nice weather and maybe get in a round or two on the course.

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