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And we're off!

Jon Kiger


On a trip like this, getting there is half the fun – NOT!

As the person in charge of the trip I feel it’s necessary to get to our destination a day early just to be there despite any contingencies along the way. With three other participants coming from Atlanta we thought it would be fun to travel together and have an extra day in Ireland.

Superintendent of the Year Finalist Mark Hoban, Wally Gresham (@wallygresham, Bulk Aggregate Golf), his dad Dennis and I all booked JetBlue flights that connected in Boston to Dublin. We built in a five hour layover as a hedge against the usual mechanical and weather-related delays. 


David "Wally" Gresham and his dad, Dennis, ready to embark on their first long trip together.

Our JetBlue flight left Atlanta around noon and we had five hours before the Dublin flight left. Boston’s Logan airport is on Boston Harbor and there are a number of water taxi services to get you quickly between the airport and the city. 


Boston-bound on a Boston Harbor water taxi from Logan Airport.


Superintendent of the Year finalist Mark Hoban with Dennis and Wally Gresham on the water taxi.

We took a meandering tour of the harbor and ended up at Rowes Wharf Harbor where we could store our carry-on bags and do a little sightseeing. A quick Uber ride later and we were at the Old North Church. While there wasn’t time to venture inside, we were in awe of this historic place in American history. The setting sun provided some outstanding photos. 


Old North Church, of Paul Revere's "one if by land..." fame.

Less than a block away we explored Copp’s Hill Burying Ground – a cemetery that dates to the mid-1600s. A few pizzas from Benevento’s (recommended by the water taxi company) and we were back on our way to the water taxi and the airport. 


A beautiful evening for a return trip across Boston Harbor to Logan Airport. (Mark Hoban photo)

We all admitted that a chance to stretch our legs while breathing the sea air and a proper sit down meal outside of the confines of the airport was a great way to spend the layover. 


Aer Lingus flight 138 from Boston to Dublin Wednesday night.

We are not the only ones to arrive on the Ireland trip early. Jake Coldiron (@jcold16), son of our late friend Jerry, hastily arranged an early departure from his home in the Tampa area due to the arrival of Hurricane Michael. We look forward to catching up with him in the Dublin airport.


The early weather reports for Friday’s arrival don’t portend well for our first round of golf at The Island Golf Club. A storm named Callum is on the way and threatens a Code Orange weather warning.


It’s said that pubs are “the official sunscreen of Ireland”. I suppose they can serve as umbrellas, too!


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