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Hunter Giveaway: 20 new TTS-800 rotors

Peter McCormick


hunter_reveal4.jpgHunter Golf is giving away 20 of their new TTS-800 series golf rotors, total value $8,000.  Stop by booth #1638 to enter to win.

TTS-800 Series rotors utilize high-torque gear drives to mitigate the challenges of reclaimed water use or poor water quality. An extra-large, fast-access flange compartment easily accommodates wire connections and other components. Total Top Serviceability (TTS) means leave your shovel in the truck.

...high-torque gear drives mitigate the challenges of reclaimed water use or poor water quality.

TTS-800 series rotors include

  • Exclusive PressurePort™ nozzle technology

  • Stainless-steel riser

  • Water-lubricated gear drive

  • Largest flange compartment in the industry

  • Heavy-duty flange compartment lid

  • Single-point ¼-turn compartment lid release

  • Color-coded control components

  • Solenoid and regulator service without depressurization

  • Stage 2 oversized filtration system

  • Three cable access ports

  • Two splice connectors included (DIH Models)

  • Serviceable inlet valve seat and seat-seal

  • Self-cleaning Filter Sentry™ inlet valve


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