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New Greensmaster 1000 series ups the ante in fixed-head walk greensmowers

Peter McCormick


The all-new Toro Greensmaster 1000 Series of fixed-head walk greens mowers was designed to eliminate variability in the walk mowing process due to operator size and skill level.

A telescoping loop handle can be adjusted to accommodate operators of varying heights, helping to deliver a more consistent cut while reducing operator fatigue. Handle isolation mounts give the cutting units consistent contact with the ground throughout the mowing process, eliminating any variability in the height-of-cut that can occur because of variations in handle pressure or differing operator strides.

A new bail design combines safety and operational control. New operator controls, in conjunction with a shorter distance between the roller and drum, deliver more precise handling in turns as well as more consistent performance on greens with modest undulations.


Another key focus during the development of the new Greensmaster 1000 Series was minimizing and simplifying maintenance.  For example, with a modular design it now takes only minutes to replace an entire cutting unit or engine assembly, and backlapping can be done directly using transport wheels.

The new Greensmaster 1000 Series models are powered by Honda GX120 engines, and are available in 18", 21" and 26" cutting widths.

Availability is slated for spring 2019. 


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