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Lesco adds granular carbon product: CarbonPro-G

Peter McCormick


lesco_carbonPro.jpgLesco has added a granular formulation of it's "microbial and carbon plant health nutrient optimizer": CarbonPro-G. A liquid formulation - CarbonPro-L - has been previously available.

Benefits of CarbonPro-G with regard to plant health include:

  • Deeper, Stronger Roots - By stimulating root development, it protects turf and plants against environmental stress and maximizes water and nutrient uptake.
  • Stress Recovery and Prevention - Containing microbial metabolites extracted from beneficial soil bacteria, it increases turf and plant metabolism resulting in increased tolerance to stress.
  • Improved Greening - Highly soluble chelated iron (EDTA iron) in the formula is easily absorbed by the plant, providing a consistently lush appearance for turf and plants.
  • Better Seed Establishment - By conditioning the soil, it accelerates seed germination and assures that roots take hold quickly and securely
  • Increased Nutrient Uptake and Efficiency - The formula nearly doubles the absorption of key micronutrients, improving the efficiency and utilization of nutrients applied.
  • Recovery from Environmental Stressors - Formulated to fortify plants against environmental stressors such as heat, drought, traffic, salinity and nutrient deficiencies. 

Check it out at the Site One Landscape Supply booth, #5537.



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