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What’s up with this Sandbelt stuff?

Paul Van Buren


paul_sig.jpgI’d had heard reference to this Sandbelt numerous times before ever actually standing in it and on it. One quickly realizes that the sand that makes up the Sandbelt is unique... and plentiful.

We’ve probably all seen the video of Richard Forsyth explaining how the sand interlocks and how it packs so firm that you can create a vertical face with it, and I was fortunate enough to get my hands in it to do some pre-Presidents Cup bunker repair.


Once mixed with water the sand begins to mimic a mortar-like consistency that allows it to be packed on itself to form nearly any shape you wish. Remarkably once it dries out, it maintains a tremendous firmness that’s almost like cement.



Jason Cook, Superintendent at Corica Park shared a photo of the particle size analysis of the sand. It is something special!


The discussions about the firmness of the surfaces at Royal Melbourne as well as other Sandbelt courses can all be attributed to the characteristics of this sand. It is what sets this area apart from other golf courses all over the world.



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