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Hand Topdressing Tees

Peter McCormick


We’ve been busy at Mt. Juliet with hand topdressing tees. I’ve never hand top dressed anything before so this was another new experience for me. At Mt. J. we hand top dress greens, every other week (lightly) and tees after hollow coring. On Tuesday I was actually throwing the sand down with a shovel, following the aerator. We went fairly thick on the tees, and because of pop-up showers, it was difficult at times for the sand to dry out. After the sand was thrown down we raked them with a bunker rake, to help them dry and to help level them off a bit. after that we dragged them in with a sand pro pulling a drag mat. We did about half of the tee boxes on every hole and will do the remaining when the cored and top dressed ones heal up.

2012-07-17-11.28.02-150x112.jpg 2012-07-18-09.51.58-150x112.jpg 2012-07-19-11.36.431-e1342727704831-112x 2012-07-19-13.34.26-150x112.jpg 2012-07-18-10.41.25-150x112.jpg

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