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A Spartan reunion in Dublin...

Carson Letot


original.jpgMy friend Josh, a fellow student at Michigan State, decided to visit Dublin this weekend. Hes studying abroad in Spain, and took this weekend off to visit some of his friends and myself. I took a bus up to Dublin after work Saturday morning, and met up with him, and another friend in the afternoon. The name of the game this weekend was to see a couple sites and do some relaxing.


f19438f538ae97c7731973af31e54439-.jpgWe began at the Guinness Storehouse. This building was the original site of Arthur Guinnesss brewery. Now, its a massive museum of Guinness paraphernalia and behind the scenes looks at how Guinness original stout is made. It was not only nice to walk at my own pace through the tour, but the sheer size was also a plus. There were many levels to the storehouse, which all culminated at the Gravity Bar... at the top of the building, with a nearly 360 degree view of Dublin. The view was great, and the free pint of Stout was the best I've had. Not sure if it was the atmosphere, or truly the Storehouse has the best, but it was a great pint and a great way to finish the tour.


aa4b90dc680797602f4985c39e546ecc-.jpgWe made our way out of the Storehouse and down to Trinity College to relax for a bit. This wont be the last time I'll be at the college, so I wasn't too hasty to the see the entire campus. I did however, see the colleges park. Even from my perspective as a budding turf professional, whos very used to heavily judging fields and parks, I can safely say this was the nicest collegiate field at a leisure park that I've ever seen. It looked as though they may use it for some track and field like activities, but never the less, it was like sitting on a fairway. The weather was great, so we picnicked there for the afternoon.


Later that night, we met up with some other Michigan State students who are interning abroad, and went out to a couple bars. Its been great to talk to so many people who are native to Ireland, but this weekend was a nice change-up. Being able to connect with some fellow Spartans was a great luxury, as well as the perfect pint of Guinness. 


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