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Weekend Speedgolf insanity at Bandon

Peter McCormick


No, it wasn't our groups racing around the Old Macdonald course on Saturday and Bandon Dunes on Sunday.  It was the 25 professional Speedgolfers competing in the 2013 Speedgolf World Championship.


Posted Image

It was insane.  These guys pack up to six clubs in a feather-weight bag and then run from stroke to stroke.  Most are golfers who also happen to be runners, but there were some marathoners who also took up the game to compete.  There were two Olympic athletes in the field.


The winner, Rob Hogan of Ireland, scored a 77 in 39 minutes (for 18 holes) on Old Mac on Saturday and then shot a 79 on Bandon Dunes in 41 minutes on Sunday.


The scoring format of Speedgolf is total strokes, plus total minutes and seconds it takes the player to complete his or her round.


Posted Image


Posted Image


'While we're young', indeed.




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