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Joe Wachter, Glen Echo Country Club, St. Louis, MO

Peter McCormick


28b4725c2d4bd0ff8d3515d5524e51ec-.jpgThere are a lot of things that bring superintendents to the golf industry show: education, new equipment, networking opportunities and a chance to catch up with industry vendors.
Joe Wachter is going to San Antonio for all of those reasons.
Tops on his list for this year are finding out more about drones, which can be used to provide valuable overhead views of areas on the golf course that superintendents might not otherwise be afforded. Drones also are valuable for recording top-down views of the golf course that can be valuable in future restoration projects.
Wachter also is starting to window shop for a new mower package. He plans to look at new offerings this year, including fairway and rough units as well as walk and riding greensmowers.
And while other superintendents in his age bracket (he's 57) hit the show looking for a second or new career, Wachter says that's not for him.
"Only eight years from 65. (I) will probably work past that," Wachter said. "My wife would murder me if I was home every morning when she got up."


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