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BMW NZ Open: Day 2

Peter Braun


Another day finished and the course keeps looking better and better. Everything was mowed again today. Some collar areas that were sodded earlier in the year are not looking that great so we kept off them. As Brendan said probably some of the areas are not that bad, but we are trained to see it. In the afternoon greens received another cut with six mowers instead of the normal four. This helped speed up the mowers time. Fairways divots were filled and greens sprinkler heads cleaned up. A few more guys have started work for the tournament.  


We are in for a fun filled week. The days will be long, but fulfilling. So far I have enjoyed seeing the course transform from the beating it took as we renovated the greens, tees, and fairways to tournament shape, the pinnacle of greenkeeping. An early start tomorrow and more practice rounds ushering in the start of the 2015 BMW NZ Open. In cooperation with Millbrook Resort the players are composed of pros and amateurs both challenging for the championship. The winner will have to play three rounds at The Hills and one at Millbrook. Saturday and Sunday are only at The Hills for those who make the cut. Finally the Michael Hill diamond bridal ring prize on the par-3 10th is available to all players alike, so an amateur can win the ring with a hole-in-one.



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