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BMW NZ Open: Day 4

Peter Braun


Sorry for the delay. After a long day at the course I went to bed once I got home. I write this just after morning jobs have been completed and breakfast served. Yesterday was a great opening round. The course is looking great and everyone has raved about it. Following morning session I went out to see some golf. The format of two professionals and two amateurs makes for some interesting golf. At times the amateurs have better shot than the professionals, but usually not. There was even a hole-in-one on hole seven. Too bad there is no prize given out there. 



One really nice part of the tournament being quite small is that people are allowed cameras on the course. Not like the States where they are prohibited. Later today and through out the weekend I will try to take some photos of the tournament. 



During down time while golf is playing the guys can stay at the course or leave. Most stay to watch some golf or just hang out in the shed. One guy brought in his tv and playstation so video games are being played all day. We also have our green at the shed and play some cricket just outside. 



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