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BMW NZ Open: Day 7

Peter Braun


The final day has ended. The last putt holed and everyone gone home. I know I keep saying it, but players and officials just loved The Hills all week. I really enjoyed working the tournament and getting to see the course change from brown/yellow and dreary to green and sharp. This was the first time I got to experience working at a course hosting a tournament that year and I was impressed. The hard work that went into making the course look great was justified seeing the television coverage. Hats off to all of the staff that put in the time and energy to make The Hills a golfing destination. 


After a below par championship reception last year, the tournament officials really did it up this time around. After the last putt dropped and the winner, Jordan Zunic at 21-under par, had done his interview for tv the greenkeepers, volunteers, Michael Hill, and a band of bagpipes all lined up at the start of 18 fairway and walked to the green. The crowd got to see the people who worked to make the tournament a success. Then after Michael Hill drove his BMW i8 down the fairway to the green the ceremony started. This time around it was well organized and everyone was recognized for awards and hard work. Thanks guys! I can't wait to do another one.










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