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On the Road: Baroness and Air2G2 demonstrations

Jeff Lenihan


Today was a busy day, as I was out on the road with Ian Campbell, Campey's UK and Ireland Sales Manager. We first went to a new client of Ian's at nearby golf course to demonstrate a rough mower made by Baroness. The picture below shows Ian on the mower with the grounds manager and a Baroness sales rep watching the demo.





944afd5a0bd4e4fbcd4d261401477192-.jpgAfter that, we traveled to Stamford Golf Cub (established 1901, about 12 miles from Manchester city center) where I got to see one of the newest innovations in turf put through its paces. The Air2G2 (or GT Air Inject) is a self propelled three probe air injection machine that injects compressed air up to 12 inches deep into the soil, causing a fracturing effect in the compacted rootzone. The amazing thing about this machine is that it aerates the soil with no interruption to play. As it rolled along, I could see the green raising up slightly with each injection of air. After it was done, you could hardly tell that it had been aerated.



The Air2G2 on demo at Stamford Golf Club.



The three probes insert into the soil or greensmix and inject air to fracture the soil.



Aeration pattern of the Air2G2... no interruption in play.



Closeup of the aeration hole left by the Air2G2


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