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Finland Pitch Renovation #2

Jeff Lenihan


Pitch renovation #1 was completed and we demonstrated all the equipment to local grounds managers. The field was seeded and then dragged with a drag mat to complete the renovation. The representative for NH-Koneet Oy, a machinery dealer we partnered with, informed us that the Finnish National Football Team would be training on the pitch once it was grown in.


48e8586576958a04edf7b3b07cc36842-.jpgPitch renovation #2 took place at a popular community field called Pirkkola Pitch. This pitch was uneven and had some issues with compaction, but was properly constructed when you dug into the soil. We set to work and used the Koro, Speedresser, Recycling Dresser, Speedharrow, and seeders to renovate the pitch as explained in my last post.


One side of the pitch had some bad compaction; the Imants Shockwave was used with tremendous results. Immediately after we used it, the compaction was gone. The pictures below show the Penetrometer readings before and after the Shockwave.



Penetrometer readings before and after the Imants Shockwave was used on compacted ground.



Koro FIELDTOPMAKER in action at demonstration #2 in Finland.



The Vredo SuperCompact seeder ready to be demonstrated.



Barenbrug RPR Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass was used for the pitch renovation.



The Campey crew with the head groundsman of the pitch we renovated.


Another demonstration day was held, this time in the rain. Then, the truck was loaded and ready to be taken to Oslo, Norway. I will be going back to Manchester, however, for a busy week and a trip to London.



Loaded and locked down, headed to Norway.


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Guest Mike O'Keeffe


Great report keep them coming Jeff.

Your seeing so much and we're learning right along.

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Guest Joe Vodehnal


I´m writing from Czech Republic, where Richard did the same renovation at Sparta Prague FC training ground. Results? The pitch was like a little marvel comparing it to others (there are 10 more there). But, it´s all about management and it all comes from the FA. I am afraid that it is a long distance run. More like a marathon before things will improve nationwide.

Keep at it!


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I am staying with Richard and he has told me a bit about you. I might be heading over to the Czech Republic in early July for a few days and would love to meet up with you to see some of those pitches. Let me know if you are free then.



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No problem Jeff. Do not come before the second week in July, as I will not be here. But after that I´ll be delighted to see you. My mail address: turf@vrchlabi.cz


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