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St. Andrews and the 2015 British Open

Jeff Lenihan


I recently had the unique opportunity to visit the famous St. Andrews Links golf course, the home of the 2015 British Open on July 16-19. Preparations were well under way to welcome the world's best golfers to one of the world's best known and oldest courses.




The spectator stands were being constructed as we walked the fairways of the Old Course. Because the course is so flat, wind here is a major challenge for the golfers, and we certainly felt its power as it swirled around us on our walk.








Many people don't realize that the St. Andrews courses are basically open to the public. As we were there, kids were riding bikes through, couples were taking a midday stroll, and people were free to walk the course, as long as they stayed off the greens and tees. Keep in mind, this is about three weeks until the start of The Open! The "home of golf" looked like a neighborhood park, but there was still that awe factor and that feeling that you're standing on hallowed ground.




We got a bonus to the day as well, as the claret jug was out and being photographed on the Swilcan Burn Bridge, the iconic small bridge that connects the 1st and 18th fairways.





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