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Hanging out with the Pope...

Jeff Lenihan


With my last day at Campeys on June 30, I said my goodbyes and headed off on July 1 for a mini vacation to Rome. I picked a place to stay near The Vatican and St. Peter's Basilica.


When you first see the famous dome and balcony, it is pretty surreal knowing just how much history surrounds you, from Michaelangelo's paintings to the tombs of more than 90 popes, including the tomb of St. Peter, the first pope and a disciple of Jesus.


On Thursday, there was a ceremony at The Vatican and Pope Francis was there! I was able to see him and hear him give a speech. Just don't ask me what he was talking about because it was all in Italian!



My long range attempt at a picture of the Pope. He's the one circled in the middle with the white/gold robe!


One of the best things I did on the trip was taking a tour of the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica. There was a guided tour at the museums and we got to see the Sistine Chapel at the end. Unfortunately, it is a holy place and no pictures were allowed. I would also recommend a trip up to the dome in St. Peter's where you can look out onto the city and there are some spectacular views.





View from the dome



View of the Vatican Gardens, from the dome



Getting up to the top wasn't easy. Yes that is a curved passageway, and this one was spacious compared to the rest!


My journey continued with day trips to the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Roman Forums. They were all incredible and worth the trip. Unfortunately for me, the Trevi Fountain was under renovation, so it wasn't as spectacular as you see in most pictures.



That's me at the Colosseum.



Inside the Colosseum



The Pantheon. Incredible sight outside, incredibly beautiful inside.



Trevi Fountain under renovation.



Possibly the best pizza I have ever had


After four days of fantastic sights, food, and experiences, I was ready to head off to my next adventure. Before I can go on more 'just for fun' trips, there is one more place to go with Campeys...


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