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Tommy Naccarato: "Superintendents are our stars, the real heroes of the business..."

Peter McCormick


In this episode of the TurfNet Renovation Report, Dave Wilber chats with Tommy Naccarato, golf architecture expert, golf historian and digital artist/Photoshop wunderkind. 



One of the leading voices on Internet golf discussion forums for years, Tommy talks about how he turned his passion for art, architecture, golf and the digital world into his dream job. You'll hear Tommy's story as it led up to his work with Gil Hanse on the Rio 2016 Golf Project.


Tommy also has a passion for golf course superintendents, which comes out in every part of this interview. One tidbit: "Superintendents are our stars, the real heroes of the business...  they lay themselves out on the line every day."


And another: "I truly believe in 'death to clueless green committee members'..."


To download the .mp3 for offline listening, right-click/tap here and select "Save Target (or link) As".


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Superintendents are very good at what they do. Good job. It's important to know what is true and persistant. History has answers to the problems, and if it ain't broke don't go out and buy a new one cause the one you got could be a collector's item that just needed restoration. Doctors analyze and make desicions to prepare for there patients and nurses duties. Then its maintenance. A child was born, you provide nuture and safety while young. Lots of maintenance. You stop maintenance and life expectency is shortened. Thank you superintendents of golf courses.

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Guest Thomas Mynaugh


Where, when did Bobby Jones complain about slow play? I would love to reference that. Great podcast.

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