Bunker Drainage with Trevor Dargan

The month of June was one of the wettest on record here. Almost every course has problems with bunker washouts in heavy rain, but proper sub-surface drainage can help prevent severe washouts, saving man-hours and sand.

When I visited Woodenbridge Golf Club, in Wicklow, course superintendent Trevor Dargan was kind enough to share how he has installs bunker drainage. Woodenbridge Golf Club is situated just south of the town of Arklow in County Wicklow, where the Avoca and Aughrim rivers meet. It is on a flood plain that usually floods once every ten years or so. Knowing this fact, Trevor directs several aspects of his product purchases and construction/maintenance practices accordingly.

More to come from my visit…

3 Responses to Bunker Drainage with Trevor Dargan

  • Steven Neuliep says:

    Greetings Cam,

    I continue to enjoy your blog! It has been fun to follow your experiences both on & off the golf course!! Enjoy the rest of your Summer and I would bet that you can’t believe how long you have already been in IRL!! Time flies when you are having fun.

    Warmest Regards,

  • Big Man says:

    Hey Slim,
    nice pix of you hitting out of a bunker, I zoomed in and noticed the ball was still by your feet! I am playing good right now so I will be ready to slap you around on the course when you get back to NY !

  • Steven Neuliep says:

    Hey Cam,

    Missed my Cam fix last week!! I am sure that you are busy, but I look forward to your next update when you get the chance!!

    Warmest Regards,

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