My First Week at Mt. Juliet

The adrenaline was flowing during my first week. I’ve learned the course layout fairly well, which can be quite difficult for someone new. I’ve also knocked some of the rust off and have gotten into the groove of how daily operations here work. I have had the opportunity to perform multiple jobs on the course, including: walk mowing greens, tees and collars, collecting cores from fairways, blowing off fairways after verti-cutting, working in the shop with the mechanics sharpening and grinding reels off a fairway unit and learning to reassemble them, rough mowing, debris removal from the pond on #3, washout repair on bunkers,  and a day of fly mowing.

The first week also introduced me to what an Irish summer is like. One day I was in short sleeves, and the next in three layers and a rain suit – still getting soaked to the bone. Luckily we’ve only had two days of poor weather. Though I’m sure more wet days are to come.

I’m looking forward to week 2 and really hitting my stride!

7 Responses to My First Week at Mt. Juliet

  • Ellen Stottlar says:

    Great experience and beautiful place to do it. I’ll enjoy following.

  • Carol murphy says:

    Hi Cam,
    Sounds like everything is in the groove! Love being able to read the posts and hear how the Irish life style is treating you. Stay warm and wear sunscreen 🙂

  • Jake Walker says:

    Sounds like a great first week. Cant wait for the next one. Awesome job!


  • Joseph Erickson says:

    Hey cam sounds like a great first week. I hear on learning the layout its tuff the first week at a new place. It sucks when u know the jobs and know how to do them but ya just dont know where stuff is or where to go. Playing the course really helps i think.

  • Brian Robinson says:

    I’m very jealous Cam! It sounds as though you have settled in very well. Have a pint or two for me…can’t wait to read more.

    Take Care!

  • Jon Scott says:

    Cameron, you are at one of my favorite places in the world and working for one of my favorite head superintendents and good friend, Mr. Aidan O’Hara. Give him my regards the next time he checks up on you.


  • Ken Magnuson says:

    Keep it up buddy….looks like a blast

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