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  2. Hiring fulltime grounds workers, for equipment operation as well as general maintenance tasks as required. Competitive wages for previous golf experience, and those eager to learn. Preference given to those with spraying, irrigation repair, drainage or golf course experience.

    Sun City Center, Florida. Date Job is Available: . Salary: $10 to $14 DOE

  3. The Irrigation Technician will be responsible for working closely with the Golf Course Superintendent. The Irrigation Technician will assist with all areas of the club turf grass including, clubhouse, common areas, fairways, roughs and greens. Responsibilities Responsible for maintaining the irrigation equipment for the golf course, which includes sprinklers, water lines, pumps, valves and other irrigation equipment Oversees the implementation of the irrigation systems, including mechanical and electrical systems Maintaining all irrigation systems by monitoring and evaluating overall performance of the irrigation system Repairs irrigation and pipes on the golf course, when needed, while regularly checking the conditions of the equipment, and keeping them clean and adjusted for the course Able to work without supervision on a range of irrigation maintenance on a day to day basis Maintains inventory of parts needed and associated with the irrigation system and orders new parts when needed Assists the superintendent with various other projects deemed necessary at the club

    Sun City Center, Florida. Date Job is Available: . Salary: Negotiable

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  5. This is a key position and works directly with the Golf Course Superintendent to help develop a daily work schedule and coordinate the related activities and necessary equipment with the staff. Training, supervision and reviewing of golf course employees along with supervision of construction projects and specific maintenance activities on the golf course and club grounds, fall under the Assistant Superintendent’s duties. Directly Manages: Crew Forman, Irrigation Foreman, Chemical Application Technician, Irrigation Technician, Operators Help promote player satisfaction through quality turf maintenance and communications. · Orientates staff to obtain a thorough understanding of their job classification, objectives and duties. · Works with Superintendent and other key staff to constantly improve the golf course, club grounds, maintenance facility and compound, plus all safety programs. · Continues educational development by reading selected materials, attending local turf seminars. · Help schedule and supervise the daily operations of the maintenance crew. · Train, motivate and supervise the staff in a capable manner. · Help plan, schedule and monitor all daily operations including insuring adequate staffing schedules for daily needs as well as coordinating vacations. · Assist in establishing, training, promoting and enforcing safety practices in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. · Oversees the cleanliness of the golf course equipment and maintenance facility, including the entire compound. · Assists the Superintendent with record keeping for supplies, daily logs, application records, weather condition records and personnel records including verifying departmental staff time cards. · Is capable of the proper application of pesticides and fertilizers.

    Sun City Center, Florida. Date Job is Available: . Salary: $35000-$38000 DOE

  6. Hi, im mechanical engineer, 36 yrs old. I experienced in golf machinery, reel and blade grinder, equipment work shop team leader, i have worked for 2 years in Lima Peru at country club villa. It is a very dificult maintenance golf course, its found in a marshy soil, high in salt, in front of the sea, irrigation with salt water, a mixture of grasses, etc. I have experienced in Toro and John Deere. Electric and hidraulical diagrams reading. Analitic and responsible person. Besides i have strong experience in heavy mechanical diesel. Cummins perkins. Kpi skill develop. Oil and Gas industry. Since 2009 working with machinery. Im looking for a new oportunity.
  7. Contra Costa Country Club in Pleasant Hill, California is excited to announce the exceptional career opportunity of Assistant Superintendent. Qualified candidates will thrive in a hospitality environment and be highly focused on providing superior service to the clubs managed by Troon. Key Responsibilities of the Assistant Superintendent: • Works with the Superintendent to ensure that the annual golf course maintenance budget and capital plans are maintained and followed. • Supervises and assists maintenance staff in daily duties. • Assists in the planning, organizing and direction of the maintenance and construction of putting greens, tees, fairways, roughs, and bunkers. • Supervises the planting and cultural practices involved in growing various turf grasses, trees and ornamental plants. • Ensures that construction equipment is properly maintained. • Assists in the procurement of supplies and materials and ensures costs remain within budgetary limitations. • Keeps records of annual maintenance activities and costs and assists with the preparation of required prepares reports. • Follows sound purchasing procedures utilizing preferred vendors, when possible. • Reconciles and provides timely coding of all invoices, payroll and other required documents. • Coordinates snow removal (depending upon facility location). • Ensures all company policies and procedures are followed including compliance with government regulations. • Ensures associates obtain proper license needed to perform job tasks safely and within city, state, and federal regulations. Addresses directly all real or perceived environmental concerns. • Manages department members that may include, but is not limited to: Mechanic, Environmental Technician, Equipment Operator, Foreman, Greenskeeper, and Irrigation Technician. • Assures that effective orientation and training are given to each new associate. Develops ongoing training programs. • Monitors business volume forecast and plans accordingly in areas of manpower, productivity, costs and other expenses. • Incorporates safe work practices in job performance.

    Pleasant Hill, California. Date Job is Available: . Salary: DOE

  8. Contra Costa Country Club in Pleasant Hill, CA is excited to announce the exceptional career opportunity of Golf Course Superintendent. Qualified candidates will thrive in a hospitality environment and be highly focused on providing superior service for our guests. Key Responsibilities of the Golf Course Superintendent: • Prepares and maintains the annual golf course maintenance budget and capital plans. • Plans, organizes and directs the maintenance and construction of putting greens, tees, fairways, roughs, and bunkers. • Supervises the planting and cultural practices involved in growing various turf grasses, trees and ornamental plants • Ensures that maintenance equipment is properly maintained. • Procures supplies and materials within budgetary limitations. • Keeps record of annual maintenance activities and costs. Prepares reports. • Implements sound purchasing procedures utilizing preferred vendors, when possible. • Reconciles and provides timely coding of all invoices, payroll and other required documents. • Coordinates snow removal (depending upon facility location). • Ensures all company policies and procedures are followed including compliance with government regulations. • Ensures that they and all associates obtain proper training and/or licenses needed to perform job tasks safely and within city, state, and federal regulations. Addresses directly all real or perceived environmental concerns. • Ensures proper mixing, calibration, and application of all chemical/fertilizers used on the course. • Manages department members that may include, but is not limited to: Assistant Superintendent, 2nd Assistant Superintendent, Head Mechanic, Environmental Technician, Equipment Operator, Foreman, Greenskeeper, and Irrigation Technician. • Assures that effective orientation and training are given to each new associate. Develops ongoing training programs. • Incorporates safe work practices in job performance.

    Pleasant Hill, California. Date Job is Available: . Salary: DOE

  9. Job Description: The Assistant Superintendent reports directly to the Golf Course Superintendent. He/she assists with planning, scheduling, performing and supervising all golf course maintenance activities including but not limited to: personnel management, water management, fertilizer and pesticide application, irrigation repair, facility maintenance and various in-house course improvement projects. The assistant will have ongoing opportunities to expand their experience and develop professionally. Course Description: The Suburban Club is a private, 18-hole facility with Bentgrass/Poa annua greens, tees and fairways. The Club was founded in 1900 and sits just inside the Baltimore beltway. The course measures 6,226 yards from the white markers and averages 13,000 rounds annually. Additional Club amenities include 16 Har Tur tennis courts, 2 paddle tennis courts and a swimming pool.

    Pikesville, Maryland. Date Job is Available: . Salary: $40-50k

  10. Oak Hill Country Club is a 36-hole facility located in Rochester NY. Both championship courses are designed by storied architect, Donald Ross, and the East Course is consistently ranked as a top 25 course in the country and one of the greatest venues for championship golf. In August of 2019, the East Course went through an extensive restoration project led by architect Andrew Green. The renovation included the rebuilding of all greens, bunkers, as well as various other course improvement projects. The successful completion and reopening of the East Course in May of 2020 has led to a Master Plan for the West Course that will be led again by Andrew Green. Currently Oak Hill is scheduled to host the 2027 US Amateur and the 2023 PGA Championship, and as Tiger Woods puts it, “It’s the hardest, fairest golf course we’ve ever played.” In preparation for future championships at Oak Hill, we are looking to build our team with individuals who want to strive towards our motto of “Be The Best.” The AIT position at Oak Hill has been solely focused on developing the next generation of golf course superintendents. Our goal is to educate, develop, and shape an individual’s skill set in all aspects of golf course management with a strong focus on preparation for the next step in your career. At Oak Hill, there is a strong emphasis on promoting from within, and placing assistants into superintendent roles. In the past 16 years Oak Hill has placed 8 assistants into superintendent roles. Responsibilities- To assist the Superintendent and assistants to achieve our yearly agronomic and staffing goals which will include but are not limited to working with and leading crews of the maintenance team, water management, fertilizer and chemical applications, calibration, drainage installation, irrigation repair and numerous agronomic and cultural practices.

    Rochester, New York. Date Job is Available: . Salary: $46,500

  11. 2016 Toro MultiPro 1750 Sprayer. Good overall condition. 2114 Hours. Has hose reel but does not have a foam marker. Selling price is AS IS with a general service. Other Toro and John Deere equipment available. Package discounts available. Stock # C134370 Please call or text David for more information.

    Boynton Beach , Florida


  12. The real news regarding the Golf Industry Show is not that the 2021 conference will take place as a virtual experience. What will be significant is what the show looks like whenever it resumes as an in-person event. After all, the show must go on. No one should have been surprised when the GCSAA announced on Aug. 12 that next year's show would take place as an online event. It really was the only choice facing the association as trade shows and conferences around the world went down like flights on an airport departure board during a blizzard. The question never was "if" an announcement was forthcoming regarding GIS, but "when." Exhibiting at the trade show is an expensive proposition for companies that spend boatloads of money to fund education for turfgrass professionals in exchange for a few minutes of facetime with customers and the goodwill that comes with supporting your association. No doubt there are many looking for an excuse to pull out of the show for good, and Covid-19 might have provided it. Time will tell. Years ago, the former head of marketing for a company that exhibits at GIS confided that the only thing preventing him from pulling out support and ceasing to exhibit was that he figured others would join in the exodus and he did not want his legacy to be "that guy who helped killed the Golf Industry Show." It is completely plausible to believe that several vendors will look at the cost associated with exhibiting and weigh it against the return on their investment and the economic hardship associated with the virus that likely will last for years, and opt out of GIS. It also is reasonable to believe that many employers of superintendents might take such events out of future budgets, especially when they see how you somehow were able to provide great conditions and firm, fast greens without attending GIS in person. If you went to this year's Golf Industry Show in Orlando, I hope you enjoyed it, because some might never have a chance to go again, at least for a very long time. In-person attendance at GIS for the past several years has been in the range of 11,000-13,000 people. Will that many return to San Diego in 2022, or Orlando in 2023, or whenever and wherever an in-person version of the show resumes? Will that many return ever? Will budgets allow it? Or, will the in-person show become like so many things we've learned to live without since March - expendable? When the show returns as an in-person event - and it will - it will be different. It probably will be smaller. Booth space, which has been shrinking noticeably for the past few years, too will continue to decline. Perhaps an in-person version of the show no longer is an annual event, but instead is held every other year. Time will tell. The virus has become one of those snapshots in time - like the recession of 2008 - at which we can point and say "this is when things changed." The virus has provided us with a chance to prioritize, and that is a good thing. Rewind the clock to mid-March when this madness began. The country's psyche was unraveling at a rapid pace. Governors began issuing stay-at-home mandates. Remember when staying home for two weeks except for trips to the grocery seemed like an impossibility? Who then could have imagined getting along without the spectacle of March Madness, a 162-game baseball season, dining out, trips to the mall or a vacation at the beach? Covid-19 has been a relentless foe that we have come to realize is everywhere all at once, waiting to strike anyone who lets down their guard. Millions have it worldwide, hundreds of thousands have died from it or complications associated with it. This invisible enemy has crushed economies around the world, and people in every corner of the planet are suffering from stress and mental health issues brought on by economic uncertainty. As many as 30 million Americans still are out of work due to the virus, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, and states are struggling to keep up with jobless claims. The virus also has afforded us a chance to re-examine what is important - and what is not. Things we took for granted, like meals and activities with the family, have taken on increased importance. Events and activities we once thought we could not live without, no longer seem so important. Covid-19 will not last forever, although sometimes it feel as if it will. And when it is behind us, things will not be as they once were. The world is forever changed. How will these changes affect GIS? Time will tell.
  13. Toro Core Processor in excellent condition and ready for a good home. Buyer will need to arrange shipping. $9500 OBO

    Littleton, Colorado


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  15. Royal Poinciana Golf Club Royal Poinciana Golf Club is a private 36-hole golf club that was established in 1969. The courses sit on 220 beautiful acres in the heart of Naples and are Audubon International Sanctuary Certified. The courses have Champion Bermuda grass greens and Celebration Bermuda on all other playing surfaces. This is a full-time position which reports directly to the Golf Course Superintendent. This position assists the Superintendent in organizing and directing daily activities of golf course operation and maintenance. This position also assists in turf grass and plant material maintenance programs, property/asset management, personnel management, scheduling/maintenance of irrigation systems and pesticide applications, preparing and adhering to annual operating budgets and developing initiatives for constant improvement in the Green and Grounds operation. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include but are not limited to the following: · Assists in the responsibility for the scheduling and directing the daily activities of the golf course maintenance staff. · Assists in the care and maintenance of the turf, ornamental plants, shrubs, trees and wetlands on the facility grounds. · Assists in monitoring the water usage tracking plan and irrigation systems and provides monthly reporting. · Oversees subordinates in proper safety training programs on golf course maintenance equipment and stresses its importance through demonstrated support. · Assists in supervising, training subordinates and participating in the application and recording of fertilizers and pesticides on the golf courses in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations. · Assists in providing counsel and conducts personnel evaluation sessions as outlined in the employee handbook. · Assists in adhering to the operating budgets. · Follow all company and departmental policies and procedures in a strict manner and requires the same from the rest of the staff. · Furthers his/her continued development by participating in appropriate seminars and conferences as approved by the Director of Golf Course Operations. · Exhibits proactive leadership in the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program as it applies to this department’s environmental responsibility. Royal Poinciana Golf Club is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.

    NAPLES, Florida. Date Job is Available: . Salary: Commensurate with experience.

  16. The responsibility of the Mechanic is to assist in maintaining the excellent playing condition of the golf course. The Mechanic will perform major and minor mechanical repairs on a variety of diesel and gasoline powered equipment under the general direction of the Superintendent. Requirements: 1-3 years Mechanic experience Knowledge of small engine repair Ability to use equipment and tools properly and safely Ability to inspect equipment and related component Must be highly motivated, goal driven and self-starter Must have the ability to follow verbal and written instructions Responsibilities: Conduct and effective preventative maintenance program in conjunction with operators to reduce mechanical failure and poor performance on all golf course equipment Repair of all equipment and golf carts Keep repair and maintenance records on all equipment Inspect, diagnose and repair mechanical problems for all maintenance equipment Set heights and sharpen blades on the cutting units. Make cuts, welds and braze as needed in repairing equipment and mowing units Price comparison on all related parts and materials before ordering Maintain a clean shop area and keep it orderly and efficient Maintain an adequate supply of parts through requisitions to the Purchasing Manager Monitor gas and fuel levels in storage tanks Assure proper disposal of all related hazardous materials Perform other duties assigned by supervisor or manager

    Leesburg, Florida. Date Job is Available: . Salary: This is an hourly position with compensation estimated to be up to $38,000 annually.

  17. Hollywood Golf Club is a private, well respected club with roots dating back to the late 1800's. We are located one mile west of the Atlantic Ocean in Deal, NJ. Hollywood is consistently ranked in the Top 100 Classic courses in America. We pride ourselves on providing our members, and their guests a remarkable golfing experience, day in and day out.

    Deal, New Jersey. Date Job is Available: . Salary: $18/hr plus overtime

  18. Somerset Hills Country Club was established in 1899 and is located in Bernardsville, NJ. Due to being one of his earliest creations, A.W. Tillinghast was doing a lot of tinkering and fine tuning of his craft which has left us with a very unique piece of property with a lot of variety hole to hole. In the past ten years, in coordination with Renaissance Golf, a lot of work has been done to get it back to it's original design and how Tillinghast envisioned it being played. The golf courses best defense is playing conditions and the green complexes. Although not long in length, strategy goes into every shot. From an agronomic and playability standpoint, there is only one goal. The goal is to maintain the golf course as firm as possible through the green. We are constantly scheming new agronomic ways to accomplish this goal and to provide playing conditions that are not normal for Americanized golf. Water management and proper agronomics is at the utmost importance. We are currently in the midst of an in-house bunker restoration in coordination with Renaissance Golf. All work is being done by the staff including shaping, drainage, installation of Capillary Concrete, and creation/installation of our custom bunker sand blend. Our current Senior Assistant is overseeing this project while training the rest of the team in preparation of his eventual departure for a Superintendent position. Other projects that should be happening in the near term is the renovation of our practice tee complex, renovation/restoration of the 10th hole, and a dam renovation. Although this posting is for an AIT, titles are only important for the resume. We have a great group of young turf professionals who all work as one team, sharing all the responsibilities. The goal is to put out a memorable product that highlights the team.

    Bernardsville, New Jersey. Date Job is Available: . Salary: $15.00/hour plus OT

  19. 2016 John Deere 9009A 4wd Terrain Cut Rotary Mower. Only 1615 hours. Unit will be fully serviced before delivery. Stock # C141838. Have two available. Please call David with any questions.

    Boynton Beach , Florida


  20. Click the image to listen to GCSAA president John Fulling explain more about a virtual Golf Industry Show. The worst-kept secret in the turf business was leaked Wednesday when the GCSAA announced via video that next year's Golf Industry Show would be held in a virtual format. Originally scheduled for the first week of February in Las Vegas, the show now will take place in offices and homes across the country and around the world. "This was not an easy decision to make," GCSAA president John Fulling, CGCS, said in the video announcement. "We considered global health concerns, travel bans, restrictions on large gatherings, social distancing requirements, adjustments other shows were making and the state of the economy. We listened to members, engaged exhibitors and consulted our industry partners, and it became clear a virtual event would afford the best opportunity to offer you a safe and quality GIS experience." Tabbed "Your Space. Your Place. All in One Place." the online show will include education, informational videos and downloads on new products as well virtual networking opportunities in what the GCSAA promises will be an engaging platform. "Don't worry," Fulling said in the video, "this won't be a week of video calls." The decision has been met with understanding, if not disappointment. "We fully support their decision and continue to support GCSAA as a gold level sponsor and look forward to GIS in this new virtual format," said Tripp Trotter, head of marketing for Syngenta turf and ornamental. "We believe this will be a great opportunity to engage across the industry virtually with many of our customers and are excited to showcase many of our new products, which we are in the process of launching now for the early order period." Scott Ramsay, CGCS at The Country Club of Farmington in Connecticut, does not attend the show every year. He often can be found when the show rotates through Orlando and its middle-America destination. He was looking forward to attending the event in Las Vegas, but understands why he cannot. "The only decision that made sense," Ramsay said. "But I am old school and need the interpersonal touch. That's my first impression. "I have missed too many shows and was looking forward to being in a position to go this year. Canceling the trip today to The Masters, also." The 2021 Golf Industry Show will bring a new meaning to a virtual trade show experience. Rick Tegtmeier, CGCS at Des Moines Golf and Country Club in Iowa, has been attending the GIS and its previous iterations since 1980 with few interruptions. Like Ramsay, he also had his bags all but packed for Vegas. When asked if he would have attended the show had it gone on in person, Tegtmeier didn't hesitate in his response. "Yes!" he said adamantly. "I would have flown, and I would have flown with a mask on. I would have had no qualms about that at all." To Tegtmeier, the show is about in-person education and networking. "I always get something out of it. It's my time to listen to researchers talk about new products and chemicals and their trials. I hate to try anything new on the golf course until I see data I know I can trust." The online education will be conducted live. For those unable to attend live sessions or who want to watch one again, they also will be available on-demand, but interaction with the presenter is lost. "I'm the guy who goes to an all-day, eight-hour session and asks a lot of questions all day long," Tegtmeier said. "I don't like a 20-minute Zoom call, let alone an hour-long talk online. "This virtual thing is great, but for me, education is a two-way street. If I can't ask questions, what good is it?" Getting to GIS either on the West Coast or East Coast, or somewhere in between is no small feat for Matt DiMase, superintendent at The Abaco Club on Winding Bay in The Bahamas. Despite the challenges often associated with international travel, during a health crisis no less, DiMase, was looking forward to the 2021 show. He also understands why he won't be able to attend. "I was hopeful GIS was going to happen, but at the same time I also knew in the back of my mind we have many persons in the industry who travel from all over the world, so, I was not surprised," DiMase said. "I also knew it wasn't an easy decision but it was the right decision in my mind. "Given everything going on, yes, I would have attended. I'm not discrediting the virus, or what's going on, but I also believe it is up to each person to do their part and be safe and smart." Two years ago, Carlos Arraya, CGCS at Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis, was named TurfNet's Superintendent of the Year. Today, he is the club's assistant general manager. He believes there are opportunities for long-term change in the switch to a virtual format. Namely, he would like to see more education focused on helping superintendents promote their business acumen. Earlier this year, rather than send senior members of his greens staff to GIS in Orlando, he sent them to the Club Managers Association of America conference, where, as first-time attendees, they received free education focused on improving their management and leadership skills. "From my perspective, it had become a little antiquated and needed to be refreshed," Arraya said. "I think this is going to separate those who really want education and those who look at this primarily as a social function. "The CMAA was a better platform for business and leadership. I told my guys, 'I'm not sending you to a wetting agent class, I want you to learn how to be better leaders and build a team." The cost savings realized by not traveling to next year's GIS (the fate of next year's CMAA conference has not yet been decided) will allow Arraya to focus more resources on educating his team and completing his certification through CMAA. "Education is a value proposition," he said. "It's not only what you have, but it's also about how you go there. It's about value; it's about information, education and communication." DiMase is all-in for GIS education this year, even if it is not in person. "I'll look at the schedule and see what classes are being offered and sign up for ones that pertain to me," he said. "As long as Internet is good on the island, which it hasn't been for the past 11 months, I'll take advantage. "I have taken classes every year, and I love not only the classes themselves but I look forward to the the people I meet in them. I even thought about possibly teaching a class in hurricane preparedness or disaster management, but that will maybe wait until 2022." Although the primary functions of the GIS are education, professional development and conducting business with industry partners, the significance of the social component cannot be ignored. The virtual event promises opportunities for personal networking, but in an industry that prides itself on being about relationships, nothing takes the place of face-to-face interaction. For many, GIS represents the only time throughout the year that friendships forged through a fraternal vocation are renewed in person. And that makes Tegtmeier sad. "I've been going to this show since 1980, and to not see my friends is going to be tough," he said. "I've already had people call and say: 'We're not going to get a chance to see each other. What are we going to do?' " His answer was simple. "I don't know."
  21. SBI, a management and leadership conference held each year by Syngenta and Wake Forest University's School of Business, will go on as an online event this year. This year's Syngenta Business Institute program will be hosted virtually, Dec. 7-11. "After much discussion, and with the health and safety of our customers in mind, we are excited to announce we will continue with the Syngenta Business Institute this year, but instead of in person, we are going virtual," said Stephanie Schwenke, turf market manager for Syngenta. "This is not a decision we made lightly. We are committed to providing education and we are continuing to work closely with the staff at Wake Forest University to provide eight hours of quality higher education. This is the perfect hybrid of live teaching that will challenge and engage superintendents online." The 2020 program will be held via Zoom, beginning with an introductory social networking session on Monday evening. Educational courses will then be hosted in two-hour sessions Tuesday through Friday. Faculty from the nationally ranked Wake Forest University School of Business will teach the curriculum, which will cover the following topics: • work/life balance • negotiating • tools for managing employees • leading across cultures and generations "It is wonderful to see Syngenta has a strong desire to continue providing golf course superintendents with critical leadership and business savvy to ensure they have professional growth opportunities they need to thrive," said Kerry Shronts, executive director of executive education at Wake Forest University School of Business. "In working closely with our Wake Forest Executive Education team, Syngenta is reinforcing its commitment to the industry as we transition this program to a virtual classroom and continue to provide an effective and safe learning environment." To help encourage interaction and participation among attendees, the class size for SBI 2020 will be limited, like previous years. Syngenta will select approximately 24 individuals employed in the United States as a superintendent, director of agronomy or at an equivalent level to participate in the program. Applications must be submitted online by midnight, Pacific time, on Sept.15. To be considered, candidates must fill out an application, which includes a short essay on why they should be selected to attend SBI. Selected participants will be notified in October.
  22. The successful candidate will be self-motivated, detail-oriented and possess a strong work ethic. Good communication and organizational skills are a must. The ideal applicant will excel while working as part of a team in a high level, fast-paced operation. The second assistant superintendent will become highly experienced in golf course renovation project work as we are in the third year of a three year golf course improvement project. The successful applicant will be involved and become proficient in all aspects of golf course management including: Golf course setup. Daily maintenance operations. Irrigation/water management. Pesticide and fertilizer applications. Irrigation system troubleshooting and repair. Tournament prep. Small construction and/or renovation projects. Grounds crew leadership. Agronomic Planning. Budgeting. Management meetings. Established in 1899, Beacon Hill Country Club is a private, member owned club located in scenic Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. Nestled high on a hill between Red Bank and Sandy Hook, Beacon Hill enjoys spectacular views of the New York City Skyline and Sandy Hook Bay. With the impeccably manicured golf course, newly refurbished Olympic-sized pool and breathtaking Clubhouse which debuted in 2007, Beacon Hill offers its Members and their guests a relaxed, family friendly experience. The Club also enjoys convenient access to Manhattan via ferry and N.J. Transit and is just minutes from the "Jersey Shore."

    Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. Date Job is Available: . Salary: $50k-$60k+ annually, DOE

  23. Jared Mullins

    2012 Jacobsen R311-T

    4WD 2012 Jacobsen R311T w 2111 hours! According to our mechanic, "Lots of love went into this one with many new parts including a $300 engine cover." Decks have been cleaned up and epoxy-undercoated. All new blades, new flat-free castor wheels, new castor axles, new castor bushings. Bushings in the back. King pins have been replaced. Bottom thrust washers under those king-pins have been added New hood. Went to the dealer to get serviced for creeping. Now has new forward and reverse cable. New deck proximity switch. Excellent mower. Non tier IV Kubota turbo Diesel engine. Hood crack as shown below. Approx 2111 hours. SN: 069178- 2042 *CALL 512-296-0292. PHONE CALLS PREFERRED.



  24. 18 Hole Private Club located in Scituate Mass established 1899 - Assistants position is a hands on position duties will include Crew Training Safety and Supervisionfull job description available upon request.

    Scituate, Massachusetts. Date Job is Available: . Salary: Competive

  25. Avila is a classic and traditional club built in 1980. The club offers golfers and sports enthusiasts the luxuries and anonymity of Country Club entertaining. The signature golf course was redesigned in 1988 by developer Bob Sierra of Avila and partnered with Jack Nicklaus. The Assistant Mechanic will work closely with the Head Mechanic and Superintendent to make daily decisions involving the golf course equipment. This position is responsible for managing the equipment, planning equipment maintenance, and ordering parts. Avila Golf & Country Club has committed itself to providing members with outstanding playing conditions. The outstanding conditioning stems from well maintained equipment. The club expects the course to be maintained in a fashion, which places it among the best in the state.

    Tampa, Florida. Date Job is Available: . Salary: $16+ DOE

  26. Looking for honest, hard working individuals for a fast paced environment. We are willing to train people who are willing to learn. Working outdoors in a country setting in most weather conditions. Tasks to be performed: Mowing, weed whacking, bunker maintenance, blowing, landscape maintenance around the grounds. Work Schedule: M-F: 6:00 am - 2:00 pm Must work one weekend morning: 6:00 am - 10:00 am. Must work holidays when necessary. 40-44 hours/week Full time, seasonal position: April 1 - December 1

    Mahopac, New York. Date Job is Available: . Salary: $12-$14/hour

  27. Responsible for operation of the golf course operation and maintenance. The responsibilities include: turf grass/plant material maintenance programs, property/asset management, personnel management, budget/forecasting, financial management, member relations, scheduling/maintenance or irrigation systems, pesticide applications, related recordings, and compliance of regulatory issues. The Golf Course Superintendent works to create an environment where staff is involved and enthusiastic, with open communications and respect for themselves, members, guests and the property. Basic Functions: Responsible for all phases of Golf Maintenance and Agronomic operations, cost control, and personnel. Works closely with, advises, and coordinates with the General Manager on any issues related to golf course maintenance. Directs and participates in the construction and maintenance of the grounds. Designs landscape plans for facility grounds and implements the plan. Administers and enforces all Club rules, regulations and policies for staff. Supports and assists with membership seminars and orientations. Works closely with the GM/CEO/Supervisor to operate the Golf Course in a fiscally responsible and professional manner. Must be able to work independently and be a self-starting problem solver. Primary Duties: Oversees the care and maintenance of the turf, ornamental plants, shrubs, trees and wetlands on the facility grounds. Directs and assists the staff on the planting of new vegetation, the replacement, spraying, pruning and trimming of trees and shrubs, the preparation of soil plant beds for aesthetically pleasing arrangements and tending to high stress areas. Provides detailed annual plan for the various property levels and the designated landscaping areas. Includes rotational design to provide facility with fresh, eye-catching, interesting and pleasant atmosphere. Manages an aggressive water usage tracking plan and irrigation systems and provides monthly reporting on retaining ponds, wells and other water source usage. Recruits, supervises and retains maintenance staff. Conducts employee performance evaluations and exercises disciplinary action. Provides technical, operational and safety training for employees to ensure that staff is working within OSHA, club safety, state and federal guidelines for safe working conditions. Oversees subordinates in proper and safe operation and maintenance of mechanical and power equipment. Plans and budgets for additional or replacement capital equipment. Supervises and participates in the application and recording of chemical applications (fertilizers and pesticides) on the Club's grounds in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations. Supervises and controls all maintenance expenses associated with Golf Course Operations, including payroll, supplies, chemicals and fertilizers. Develops annual operating budget and plans for maintenance and capital improvement projects. Maintains records and completes required reporting. Order parts, supplies and equipment as needed. Schedules maintenance practices around member play and outings to maximize efficiency and minimize disruption to members. Knowledge & Skills Required: Knowledge of management and maintenance of greens, fairways and roughs. Knowledge of use and operating standards of equipment and tools used in golf course construction and maintenance work. Skill in recruiting, supervising, training, monitoring, evaluating and motivating personnel. Interpersonal skill to resolve conflict and work with supervisors, officials, employees, members and the general public. Knowledge of safe use, mixing and application of chemicals and commercial products. Knowledge of the game of golf, golf rules and methods of play. Ability to anticipate personnel, equipment, and material requirements related to golf course maintenance and repair assignments. Ability and knowledge to lay out irrigation patterns, drainage patterns, construct tees and/or greens. Minimum Qualifications: 3-5 years experience as a Golf Superintendent or 1st Assistant 2-year Degree or Certificate in Turf Management (or related field, like agronomy, horticulture, plant science, soil science). Advance computer skills required for financial reporting and control of operations, including use of Microsoft Office Suite. Valid Driver's License. Pesticide Application License Prefer good command of Spanish language

    Valrico, Florida. Date Job is Available: . Salary: $80,000-$90,000

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