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2024 Halftime update: Annual bluegrass weevil management


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ben mcgraw.jpgIn this presentation, Ben McGraw, Ph.D. of Pennsylvania State University will provide overview of the early-season management of the annual bluegrass weevil on golf courses. This webinar will provide an overview of the lifecycle and ecology of the pest as well as a comprehensive look into the research that is being conducted to manage the weevil chemically, biologically, and culturally.

The talk will focus on what has been observed thus far in the 2024 season as well as current projects in the McGraw Lab aimed at sustainably controlling the weevil. These projects include

1. Understanding the impact of moisture on weevil behavior.
2. Leveraging plant resistance/tolerance traits and plant defense mechanisms to reduce insecticide use.
3. Mechanisms behind insecticide resistance and the use of adjuvants as a means to overcome resistance.
4. New chemistries and their impact on the soil ecosystem.


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