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All Frequently Asked Questions

    A: Click/tap the Account tab on the menu bar or mobile menu and you will see options for both My Job Listings and My Used Equipment Listings.


    Alternately, just about everything you'll need to know is in your Profile. Click your name at top right of the site, then select Profile. Or, click your photo or avatar to take you directly to your profile.


    Once in your Profile, you'll find a button on the right side of the black bar that says See My Activity. Here's where everything you've done on TurfNet.com is displayed. See topics in the left sidebar.


    When finished reviewing your past activity, that same button reverts to View Profile. Click that to return to your Profile where you can review and update your personal information, add a photo or avatar, and add a background photo for your profile header.

    A:  First off, you have to register for a guest/limited/free account if you haven't done so already.

    One or two listings can be purchased ala carte at $95 each. Any more than that would dictate joining as a member to reduce cost per listing.

    Decide how many for sale listings you will want active at any one time. Each membership class has a limit on that (10, 50,100 or unlimited) and select a membership category accordingly.

    Proceed through the purchase process and your account will be active immediately. Once you have done that, you'll see a blue "Post an Ad" button at the top center of the used equipment page. Good quality photos are encouraged.

    You can manage your listings by clicking the Account tab on the menubar and select My Used Equipment Listings. There, you can edit, renew, and close/delete your listings.


    NOTE: You must click the arrow to the left of Used For Sale or Used Wanted to expand the list of categories.


    The rest is fairly intuitive. Contact us with questions.

    A: First off, you must be either a registered guest or a paid member to post job listings. Listings are free for paid members; registered guests pay $55 per listing. Default duration is 90 days, and you may renew each listing twice beyond that.

    Register here (free).

    Join here. (There are several options)

    Once registered or joined as a member, return to the Jobs section and you will see a green Post a Job button.


     Next, select the most appropriate category for the job listing. (As these categories are in a searchable database, we cannot (under most circumstances) create custom categories or job titles for specific individual needs.)

    The rest of the process is fairly intuitive. Contact us with questions.




    The "unread content" function allows you to quickly access content that has been posted to the site since the last time you marked the site (or individual sections) as "read".

    Unread Content previously applied just to the Forum. TurfNet has grown over the years to include much more than that -- jobs, used equipment, blogs, webinars, podcasts, etc.  Unread Content now includes all of those and can be custom-tailored to your specific interests.

    If you click the Unread Content link you will find an assortment of options to tailor the results to your needs.



    Under Content Types, you can choose from among just about anything on the site that you're interested in, and leave those you're not interested in unchecked.

    Click the gear icon to the right of any content type to refine your interests, down to specific Forum conferences or podcast categories.

    Save your changes, and the next time only those things of interest will be displayed when you click the Unread Content link.


    A: Many of them are exactly alike except for the title, which is used in the Forum to identify the member's job classification and also on the invoice receipt. More on that below.* 

    The Golf Course Superintendent, Sales Representative, Allied Affiliate,  and Sports Turf Manager membership categories, and the Job Listings and Used Equipment Listings packages, all have identical privileges and access on the site:

    • 3 login accounts (typically supt, asst and equipment tech, although do with them as you please as long as they are all employees of your course, club or company)
    • Forum access for all
    • unlimited free job listings
    • unlimited used equipment listings, but limited to 10 active listings at one time.
    • Eligibility for our Members' Trips and Beer & Pretzels Gala at GIS.
    • All are $195 per year

    The Assistant Superintendent and Equipment Technician/Manager categories are identical except for title. These normally take one of the login accounts of the full memberships above, but in the case of an interested assistant or mechanic who can't convince the boss to sign up, this is for them.

    • One login account with Forum access
    • No free job or used equipment listings -- as these benefit the club or course, who should really sign up at the regular level for these benefits.
    • Eligibility for our Members' Trips and Beer & Pretzels Gala at GIS.
    • $100 per year. Again, free with a regular GCS account.

    The Distributor/Dealer category is designed for those who want more than three login accounts (typically up to ten) for their sales force and/or more than ten used equipment listings to be active at any one time. This would also include smaller manufacturers with limited needs.

    • up to ten login accounts
    • Forum access for all
    • unlimited free job listings
    • unlimited used equipment listings, but limited to 25 active listings at one time.
    • Eligibility for our Members' Trips and Beer & Pretzels Gala at GIS.
    • $495 per year

    The Enhanced Used Equipment Dealer category has the above benefits along with

    • unlimited used equipment listings live at one time
    • banner ad in our Friday morning TurfNet This Week e-newsletter
    • $1495/year

    The Manufacturer category is the same as the Distributor/Dealer category with the addition of

    • as many login accounts as you reasonably need
    • 125x125px banner rotation in our main page Featured Affiliate grid
    • $995/year

    The Manufacturer Enhanced category is the same as above with the addition of

    • 170x125 Featured Product banner rotated on the main page and throughout the site
    • $1495/year

    * The Job and Used Equipment Listings Package categories are in response to requests for a receipt that says something other than "membership" or "dues", which are budget line items fairly heavily scrutinized within many organizations. Monies may be available to buy job listings or used equipment classifieds, and these packages are an economical way to do that. You just get other benefits included as well. 😎

    A: Your assistant(s) first need(s) to register for a guest/limited account, if he or she hasn't already. 

    Then, making sure you have signed in, click Account on the right side of the menu (might be under More>), then My Details, then Alternative Contacts. You can add him or her there. 
    Be sure to select Golf Course Superintendent under Purchases so he has the same privileges that you do.

    A:  Chances are you didn't validate your registration via return email. Check your spam folder. If not there, contact us and we'll get you validated. Secondly, are you signed in (see your name at top right on the desktop display)?

    A:  You can edit your classified ads, move them to a different category, and close them when sold.  Closing keeps the ad in the system for 90 days until it gets auto deleted. These show up in pink (only to you and admins) when you are logged in.

    Expired ads (pink) have an hourglass icon. Closed ads have an X icon.
    Ads can be accessed by clicking Account on the menu bar and then My Used Equipment Listings. This brings up a chronological listings of all ads you have posted. Expired/closed will be in pink. All can be managed by clicking the individual listing.
    You can also go to your Profile (top right) then click the My Activity button on the right, then under All Activity on the left select Classified Ads
    Coming in the next update will be better sorting, user delete (in addition to close) and bulk delete.





    A:  All membership categories have always had a (theoretical) limit on used equipment listings active at any one time. The limit has always been in the category description but we didn't enforce it until recently, when some dealers have accumulated several hundred listings.

    Membership categories at the $195 level (gc supt, sales rep, allied affiliate, etc) have a limit of 10. Dealer/Distributor members ($495) have a limit of 25. The Used Equipment Mega Dealer ($2,495) has no limit and also gets banner ads on the site and in our Friday e-newsletter.

    If you have reached your limit, we encourage you to go through and close any listings that have been sold. You can also upgrade to another membership category to increase your limit.





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