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    A: Click/tap the Account tab on the menu bar or mobile menu and you will see options for both My Job Listings and My Used Equipment Listings.


    Alternately, just about everything you'll need to know is in your Profile. Click your name at top right of the site, then select Profile. Or, click your photo or avatar to take you directly to your profile.


    Once in your Profile, you'll find a button on the right side of the black bar that says See My Activity. Here's where everything you've done on TurfNet.com is displayed. See topics in the left sidebar.


    When finished reviewing your past activity, that same button reverts to View Profile. Click that to return to your Profile where you can review and update your personal information, add a photo or avatar, and add a background photo for your profile header.

    The "unread content" function allows you to quickly access content that has been posted to the site since the last time you marked the site (or individual sections) as "read".

    Unread Content previously applied just to the Forum. TurfNet has grown over the years to include much more than that -- jobs, used equipment, blogs, webinars, podcasts, etc.  Unread Content now includes all of those and can be custom-tailored to your specific interests.

    If you click the Unread Content link you will find an assortment of options to tailor the results to your needs.



    Under Content Types, you can choose from among just about anything on the site that you're interested in, and leave those you're not interested in unchecked.

    Click the gear icon to the right of any content type to refine your interests, down to specific Forum conferences or podcast categories.

    Save your changes, and the next time only those things of interest will be displayed when you click the Unread Content link.


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