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Lawn Care Technician

By Delaware Valley Turf, Broomall, Pennsylvania, - updated June 26

Matthew McGuire, 520F Abbott Drive, Broomall, Pennsylvania, 19008, Telephone: 610-328-4170

Golf course management can be grueling and time consuming. Life is short and you should enjoy your job. We are Delaware Valley Turf, a local turf management business located in Broomall, Delaware County of Pennsylvania. We have a problem and maybe you can help. 

You see, we love turf management. We started on golf course crews and like you, aspired to be a golf course superintendent. However, life got in the way of our dream and we are glad it did.  Realizing that the same principles applied to lawns and athletic fields we started and grew this company to where it is today.  Today we manage over 10,000 acres to over 1750 commercial and residential customers. We work on everything from college campuses to small residential lawns and our goal is the same as the golf course superintendent's, great looking grass. We would like to utilize your agronomic knowledge and training to provide innovative turf management programs.

Our problem, because we continue to grow, we need another great turf manager for our company.  We are looking for a mature person who is working as an entry level turf manager now.  We are not going to go into all of the skills needed, you already know that.  What I am going to say is you need a valid driver’s license and have a great attitude.  We are looking for a “people person” to add to our, can do it, positive culture.

It would be best if you are familiar with the turf application equipment and willing to undergo a basic background check in accordance with local laws and regulations.

What are the benefits in this position?  It is full time with an annual salary. Don’t worry, we are going to pay you better than our competition so you’re happy, so you can make our clients happy so we can be happy.  And there’s more.  You get  medical insurance, major holidays paid, vacation, uniforms, IRA program, weekends off,  and most importantly, respect.

For more information about our company go the delvalturf.com or call, 610-328-4170


Educational Requirements

Associates or BS in Agronomy, Turfgrass Science, Soil Science, Horticulture preferred. Interns or part time students are acceptable.

Ability to pass PA pesticide examination.


Experience Requirements

Experience with spraying of fertilizer and pesticides on a golf course, athletic field or lawns preferred. Experience on a golf course, athletic field or landscaping business. Experience with machinery and with dealing with all types of people. 

Special Requirements

Ability to lift 50 lbs and walk a mile within 20 mins (Standard walking pace)

Ability to pass a drug screen. 

Valid  Driver's License. No serious incidents in the past 5 years. 

Ability to operate machinery in professional manner.

Ability  to smile and greet people in a friendly manner.



Job Benefits

PTO, Holidays Paid and Off, Healthcare, Dental,  401K, Uniforms,  Clothing allotment, PTO, Monday through Friday work schedule except one  Saturday in the fall. 

Date Job is Available



Job Application Instructions

Submit a resume and cover letter via email or mail to the addresses below.

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