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Landscape Manager

By James River Grounds Mgmt LLC, Portsmouth, Virginia,

This Ad id for our Production Manager position available in Portsmouth VA. Please visit website for more details.


This position is responsible for managing all aspects of production on a portfolio of maintenance accounts including labor, materials and equipment. Production Managers are responsible for managing maintenance crews and associated flex crews representing at least $1M in contract revenue.

Educational Requirements

  • Ability to organize and schedule multiple projects
  • Experience effectively managing others
  • Ability to determine leadership skills in others. Must be able to train, nurture and develop other employees.
  • Able to work independently and have exceptional problem solving skills.
  • General knowledge of irrigation systems
  • At least 3 years of experience as a supervisor / manager
  • Ability to communicate effectively to all team members and clients
  • To operate at a high level of accountability and responsibility for all activities and activities of team
  • Valid drivers license with a reasonably clean record
  • To effectively operate computer systems

Experience Requirements

  • To support company vision, policies, procedures, safety / training programs, perform accordingly and pass along to other employees
  • To be familiar with each job’s specifications and ensure compliance with quality and efficiency standards
  • Work with management team to map out the seasonal work schedules
  • To train employees on all aspects of job (safety, quality, efficiency, equipment)
  • To communicate pro-actively and effectively with account manager and other team members
  • To see that client’s requests are responded to in a timely manner      
  • To evaluate the performance of team members regularly, and recommend for advancement
  • Develop, communicate and maintain schedules for maintenance work on all jobs, coordinate manpower, equipment and materials in advance
  • Monitor total hours worked by crew and services performed to ensure quality and profitability
  • Perform inspections of equipment, vehicles to see that all is being maintained properly
  • Monitor job cost reports regularly and report back to crew to increase productivity and job efficiency

Job Benefits

  • PTO
  • Health & Life Insurance
  • Paid Holidays 
  • Bonus Opportunities
  • 401K after one year of service
  • Company Vehicle

Date Job is Available



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