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Assistant Superintendent

By Burning Tree Club, Bethesda, Maryland,

Kyle Boushell, 8600 Burdette Rd, Bethesda, Maryland, 20817, Telephone: 4438129558

Burning Tree is an 18-hole private golf club located just inside the beltway of Washington DC. Greens are native soil, 007 Bentgrass. Tees are Penncross Bentgrass. Fairways were recently renovated, converting the Fairways to a 007 and SR1150 Bentgrass blend. This position will provide an excellent opportunity to learn to manage turf through the summer stress experienced in the transition zone. Burning Tree is also set to start an 18-hole reconstruction following a Gil Hanse Master Plan in 2019.

Assistants will gain experience in irrigation, chemical applications and calibration, small crew management, disease identification, as well as other aspects of golf course maintenance. Assistants will work closely with the Superintendent and provide input for the success of the golf course. Assistants will also need to meet a professional standard as member interactions are very common and encouraged.

Educational Requirements

Looking for a turf grass graduate with a 2-4 year degree or certificate program. Recent graduates encouraged to apply.

Experience Requirements

Graduates in the turf grass field. At least 1-2 years of golf course experience is requested.

Special Requirements

We are looking for highly motivated individuals, with a good work ethic and a good knowledge of turf and the ability to manage crews.

Job Benefits

Golfing Privileges, Uniforms, Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, EOY Bonus

Date Job is Available


$50,000 + up to 10% Bonuses

Job Application Instructions

Please email or mail a copy of your resume, cover letter and references to the above address