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Grounds Staff

By BrightView Golf Maintenance, Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania,

John Petrovsky, 1921 Ludwig Rd, Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania, 19525, Telephone: 732-678-6347

We currently have a Full-Time and Part-Time position for a Greenskeeper who will maintain grounds of golf courses by
performing some or all of the following daily duties:
 Changing cup locations on all greens daily or as directed by supervisor
 Servicing all teeing ground stations on course to include:
 Moving markers
 Sand/seeding divots from prior day's play
 Removing broken tees
 Removing trash from receptacles
 Maintaining ball-washers water and soap
 Policing trash from golf course during daily travel
 Daily monitoring of traffic control devices on golf course- ropes, stakes, and directional
 Daily cleaning and stocking of restrooms.
 Occasional picking up leaves, trash, and cut grass and placing onto a truck or trailer
 Operating various vehicles used to perform daily bunker raking activities, including power raking
and hand raking
 Mowing small turf areas using small push power mowers
 Picking up leaves, trash, and cut grass and placing onto a truck or trailer
 May include applying irrigation to golf course as directed by a supervisor.
 Bilingual (English/Spanish) a plus
 Ability to report for daily work at different job sites within region to perform required tasks
 Physical demands are required for this position and might include, but are not limited to:
 Regular light lifting up to 20 pounds
 Regular exposure to outside environment including rain, cold, sun, or night
 Especially Repetitive movement- twisting, turning, bending, squatting, stooping, standing,
walking, sitting

Job Benefits

We offer medical and dental benefits and a 401(k) plan.

Date Job is Available


$9-$10 BOE

Job Application Instructions

Please apply thru the job link above or email your resume and cover letter to John Petrovsky at John.Petrovsky@brightview.com

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