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Golf Course Superintendent

By Heatherwood Golf and Country Club, Birmingham, Alabama,

Ron Lavoie, 400 Saint Annes Dr., Birmingham, Alabama, 35244, Telephone: 7816039769

The Superintendent is an important member of the property’s management team and oversees the maintenance practices of the golf course and adjacent grounds, including the clubhouse landscaping and maintenance. The above responsibilities also include overseeing the repair and maintenance of all golf course related equipment.

  • Maintains all grounds including the golf course, clubhouse surroundings and other maintainable property

  • Supervises all planting, fertilizing and chemical applications, and other care of plants, shrubs, bushes and trees on the golf course and clubhouse surroundings
  • Informs General Manager about present and future maintenance activities

  • Coordinates scheduling of all personnel assigned to the department

  • Communicates frequently with the General Manger discuss activities, goals, plans and member/customer feedback.

  • Maintains inventory and oversees all repairs and scheduled maintenance of all golf course maintenance equipment

  • Implements and enforces comprehensive safety program for employees of the maintenance department

  • Supervises maintenance and operation of drainage, irrigation and other mechanical watering systems

  • Develops chemical and fertilizing plan on an annual basis

  • Ensures that the golf course is providing healthy and high quality playing conditions for guests of the property

  • Prepares and maintains all recordkeeping for maintenance department as it relates to fertilization and chemical application logs
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Experience Requirements

  • 2 to 4 years turf grass management experience required
  • Supervisory, coaching and staff development experience required

  • A four-year college degree preferred, but not required

  • Knowledge of local, federal, and state laws and regulations affecting management of golf course operations

  • Must have a strong business aptitude and passion for the golf business

  • Must possess strong problem solving skills

  • Must be highly organized and efficient with a high attention to detail

  • Must have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills

Date Job is Available


$48,000 to $60,000 based on experience

Job Application Instructions

Please contact or send resume to Ron Lavoie at ron@cypressgolfmanagement.com