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Equipment/Shop Manager

By Sports Field Solutions, Fort Worth, Texas,

Chase Jardine, 5146 Gebron Drive, Fort Worth, Texas, 76126, Telephone: 8014504133

Sports Field Solutions is a construction and maintenance company. We have grown rapidly and now have over $3 Million in equipment and have added over $750,000 in the last year. We hope to continue our growth and need a head of equipment to organize our growth with equipment.

This position would be in charge of the organization, maintenance, purchasing, and selling of equipment. We have a full-time mechanic on staff, who you would direct.

The role will include:

  • Maintenance Programs / Schedules for all equipment

  • Tracking equipment as it moves around the state

  • Purchasing new and used equipment to meet our needs

  • Developing relationships with Toro, John Deere, and other dealers

  • Find the right equipment for each contract and job at the best price


Who are we looking for:

  • Roll up their sleeves – our equipment is all over the state. To understand all of our pain points you must go in the field and see it firsthand.

  • Analytical – be able to figure out the best solution for our challenges at the best price

  • Organized – we have over $2,500,000 of equipment located on many different contracts across the state. We need this person to be highly organized and have a system to track everything.

  • Humble – this person will work with all of our employees and needs to be humble and get along with all of our team members.

  • Hungry – we have a huge opportunity to become more efficient with our equipment. This can have a huge influence on our entire company. They need to be hungry to make things better.


Experience Requirements

There are two key functions to this job: 1) Organization and 2) Equipment Management. A strong background in either one is preferred.

Job Benefits

There is endless room for growth in this role. With everything we are buying, there is the opportunity to be a leader in our company and continue to grow with us for years to come.

Date Job is Available



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