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Business Opportunity

By Nualgi America, Inc, San Marcos, California, - updated Friday at 06:12 PM

Anil Nanda, 100E San Marcos Blvd, Ste 400, San Marcos, California, 92069, Telephone: 8582438073

Nualgi America, Inc is looking for distributors in AL, AZ,  IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, MS, OH, OR, SC and TX to market its breakthrough foliar spray and pond remediation products. We typically work with small independent distributors and offer exclusive territory as well as 5 figure income potential.  Our twitter feed (@nualgiagri and @nualgilakes ) and our websites (nualgiagriculture.com and nualgilakes.com) will provide you with initial information. If interested, please email Anil at sales@nualgiagriculture.com

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