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Sales Representative

By AgCall, Columbus, Ohio, - updated September 14

AMY M THEOBALD, 123 Main Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43004, Telephone: 3174091791

Geographies- Western PA, MI, W. KY, and OH


Project: Golf Course Service Specialist Timeframe: Late August-Late October (25 hrs/week) Client: Not Disclosed AgCall Inc. has an exciting opportunity for golf course industry professionals in select geographies in the U.S. to engage with golf course superintendents on behalf of our client, an established global leader in the turf, ag, nursery/greenhouse and snowmaking industries. Associates will be working with golf course superintendents, as directed by the local sales representative, over 10 weeks to develop a relationship on behalf of the client, focusing on turf solutions for abiotic stressors and turf management, with the ultimate goals of building a customer segmentation strategy and obtaining key contact information. Due to COVID-19, the first phase of the project (approx. four weeks) will be done virtually through phone and email contact. Adjustments will be made as the project progresses to incorporate face-to-face opportunities, as deemed appropriate and compliant with state/local COVID-19 regulations. Requirements:  Must be available for phone-based outreach coinciding with availability of golf course superintendents (7 a.m. – 3 p.m. daily) for at least the first four weeks of the program, with the option to move to in-person visits later, as permitted.  Qualified candidates must exhibit: o Connectivity – must have connections and the ability to pick up the phone and have influence o Credibility – proven ability to understand/identify what the customer needs and deliver sound solutions o Technical Chops – ability make a recommendation and provide an outlet to solve a problem  Strong manufacturer- or distributor-level golf/turf care sales experience is a must  Detail-oriented with excellent communication skills  Ready access to a computer, email, and smartphone Tasks:  Work closely with the local sales representative to build a contact and outreach strategy that suits the needs of the local untapped market  Contact golf course superintendents from the assigned geography who have been identified as not currently being served by our client (approx. 2,000 potential targets)  Build credibility with new prospects, identifying their water-management needs and challenges, positioning client products as potential solutions, and targeting program opportunities for 2021  Direct interested leads to a local distributor or client customer service channels for ordering and fulfillment  Provide email follow-up (as required) with relevant sales literature, videos or other marketing materials  Keep detailed observations and data from each site visit and report them as per AgCall and client instruction  Complete required paperwork correctly and send administrative paperwork to AgCall within predetermined timelines  Report to the AgCall project manager (Kristen Marshall) on a weekly basis Geography:  Michigan  Ohio  Western Kentucky  Western Pennsylvania Training: A training session will be held a date/time/location to be determined. Associates will learn from company technical specialists product information, sales and promotion information, and general administrative reporting requirements. Attendance is required. Associates will report directly to AgCall with direction from the sales team and will also receive training on the data collection and submission procedures that are required for payment. We provide a very competitive wage with bonus structure for all projects. Associates earn an hourly base rate, bonuses and mileage and expense reimbursement. About AgCall: For more than 30 years, AgCall has been the leader in providing word-of-mouth and peer influence marketing, sales, service and education solutions to the North American agriculture and food industry. AgCall’s strength lies in our ability to influence our client’s customers – on the phone, in person, or online. Ultimately, we believe in creating brand awareness, gathering customer intelligence, providing customer service and increasing sales, retention, satisfaction and loyalty. We have a unique approach of mobilizing “Associates” (knowledgeable, trained professionals and peers from within the industry) to be ambassadors and advocates of our client’s company and brands. We select our Associates in specific geographies and with specific skill sets according to company.

Date Job is Available


Hourly- TBD

Job Application Instructions

Email resume to a.theobald@agcall.com

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