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Sports Turf Manager

By Sports Field Solutions, Houston, Texas, - updated August 4

Phil Grefrath, 12131 Kirby Drive, Houston, Texas, 77045, Telephone: 8172494444

Assistant Turf Manager - Houston Sabercats




Assistant Turf Manager

To maintain immaculate sports fields at Aveva Stadium.



You love sports. You spent your childhood summers on baseball fields, your fall Friday nights under stadium lights, and your winters on hard courts. You love a natural grass playing surface.  Whereas your friends are in awe when they look at a professional baseball field, you are at home. You know the difference between a ¾” height of cut and a ½”, and you understand just how hard it is to get those perfect infield edges at Minute Maid Park. You are meticulous. Others see perfection when they look at your fields, but all you see is the almost-imperceptible divot in center field from the previous night’s diving catch. You love being part of a team. Could you do it alone? Sure. Do you prefer the camaraderie of a team working to build a premium brand? Absolutely. 



We love sports fields. How much?  As much as Texas loves its high school football.  That's a lot.  We know that the difference between feeling like a professional athlete and a high school walk-on is often the quality of the playing surface. We love nothing more than the glimmer of stadium lights on a freshly-cut, pristine natural grass playing surface. Finally, we believe that great people transform businesses. We provide a vision and then ask our people to creatively use their talents to achieve it.



  1. Assist Turf Manager by supervising and supporting crew members to perform their best through proper training and guidance

  2. Assist Turf Manager in organizing, planning and execution of strategy

  3. Maintain premium sports field surfaces by implementing best practices in mowing, fertilization, pest management, aeration, moisture management, top dressing and more

  4. Monitor, report and resolve field issues such as turf stress, disease, irrigation problems and pest management issues

  5. Communicate with coaching staff and front officials regarding practice/game schedules, camp dates, and inclement weather situations

  6. Perform preventative maintenance operations on various pieces of equipment

  7. Perform irrigation audits to ensure system is operating efficiently

  8. Track inventory and monitor purchasing of fertilizers and field materials


If you read the description above and feel like it was written for you, please apply. Formal requirements include a degree from a 2- or 4-year turf management program or significant sports-turf experience. Informal requirements include a passion for learning and producing high-quality work, the ability to communicate effectively, and  an inclination to value teamwork over ego.


Please send a resume to: phil@sportsfieldsolutions.com


Date Job is Available


$35,000 - $40,000

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