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Irrigation Technician

Job Summary (Essential Functions)

Responsible for the operation and maintenance of all irrigation and drainage systems on the club’s golf course and grounds

Job Tasks/Duties

·       Waters greens, tees, fairways, rough, lawns and other areas as needed or scheduled.

·       Monitors daily water usage and informs Golf Course Superintendent of any needed adjustments to the irrigation computer settings.

·       Operates irrigation heads in dry areas needing additional water.

·       Designs, implements and maintains mechanical and electrical components of course irrigation system.

·       Repairs equipment associated with irrigation (i.e., irrigation pipes and irrigation heads).

·       Performs preventive maintenance on all equipment associated with irrigation.

·       Maintains complete records on all equipment maintenance associated with irrigation.

·       Controls expenses associated with irrigation equipment and activities.

·       Maintains inventory of parts needed for irrigation equipment.

·       Performs all record-keeping relative to irrigation system including weather and rainfall data; assists in recording fertilizer and pesticide applications.

·       Performs daily well and pump water usage reports.

·       Helps apply or water-in pesticides and fertilizers under the supervision of the Pesticides Application Specialist.

·       Operates dump trucks and other light equipment in hauling materials and removing debris.

·       May occasionally supervise crews for special projects.

·       Attends staff meetings.

·       Performs other appropriate tasks assigned by the Golf Course Superintendent.

·       Keep irrigation parts room organized and inventoried at all times.

·       Assists in winter snow removal.

Educational Requirements

·       High School diploma and GED required.

Experience Requirements

·       Experience working for a landscaping service or golf course grounds crew, specifically working with the irrigation system.

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