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Turf Equipment Technician

By The Golf Club at South Hampton, St. Augustine, Florida, - updated Thursday at 12:38 PM

Keith Webb, 315 South Hampton Club Way, St. Augustine, Florida, 32092, Telephone: 904-814-6434

To oversee the care and maintenance of all golf course equipment, as well as to serve as an assistant to the grounds maintenance of the facility.



• Repair Golf Course Equipment.

• Maintain proper records of all golf course equipment.

• Repair as needed Golf Carts from the Golf Cart Fleet to include all 75 golf cars, 2 Beverage Carts, and the Range Picker.

• Develop and oversee a system for proper care and tracking of the golf course equipment.

• Fill in as needed on the crew as an Equipment Operator.

• Operate vehicles and powered equipment, such as mowers, tractors, twin-axle vehicles, chain saws, electric clippers, sod cutters, and pruning saws.

• Properly trained and able to operate a hydraulic lift on a regular basis.

• Mow or edge grass, using power mowers or edgers.

• Care for established property by mulching, aerating, weeding, grubbing, removing thatch, or trimming or edging cart paths, driveways, flower beds, walks, or walls.

• Use hand tools, such as shovels, rakes, pruning saws, saws, hedge or brush trimmers, or axes.

• Prune or trim trees, shrubs, or hedges, using shears, pruners, or chain saws.

• Gather and remove litter.

• Mix and spray or spread fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides onto grass, shrubs, or trees, using hand or automatic sprayers or spreaders as directed by the Superintendent.

• Provide proper upkeep of sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, fountains, planters, burial sites, or other grounds features.

• Water grass, trees, or plants, using portable sprinkler systems, hoses, or watering cans.

Work Context:

Requires knowledge of using a hydraulic lift to work on equipment, Requires using hands to handle, control, or feel objects, tools or controls, Requires walking and running, Requires standing, Requires bending or twisting, Requires repetitive movement, Requires contact with others (face-to-face, by telephone, or otherwise), Requires face-to-face discussions with individuals or teams, Requires working in extremely bright or inadequate lighting conditions, Includes exposure to contaminants , Requires working in very hot (above 90 F degrees) or very cold (below 32 F degrees) temperatures, Includes exposure to sounds and noise levels that are distracting or uncomfortable, Opportunity to make decisions without supervision, Requires exposure to minor burns, cuts, bites, or stings, Requires exposure to hazardous equipment, Freedom to determine tasks, priorities, and goals, Requires meeting strict deadlines, Job pace is determined by the speed of equipment or machinery, Requires work with others in a group or team, Includes responsibility for the health and safety of others, Requires wearing common protective or safety equipment, Requires working in an open vehicle or equipment, Requires working in a closed vehicle or equipment, Requires working outdoors, exposed to all weather conditions

This job description does not imply that the above are the only responsibilities assigned to this position. Employees holding this position will be required to perform any on the job related duties as requested. All requirements are subject to possible modification to reasonably accommodate individuals with a disability.

Experience Requirements

Must be able to grind and set reels

Job Benefits

401 K

Health, Vision, Dental plans available after 90 days

Date Job is Available


$19-$21 per hr depending on experience

Job Application Instructions

Please email resume to keithnra@bellsouth.net

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